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Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas Factory – Review

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas Factory – Review

Home life is really what you make it. We love having personal touches around it to make our home to have personal touches onto to bring it all together. One area that gets overlooked are our walls. They need to have something on them to add to the comfort and look of our home. Canvas Factory wanted to know if they could help us pop life into our home with a photo canvas print to add to our stark walls. I was so excited to see how well my photo would transfer to a canvas and add new life to our home.

Which photo to choose?

A wall in my living room is empty and is asking for something to adorn it. A canvas print would be perfect to put in this space. There are so many photos I wanted to use for this photo canvas print. I love taking nature photos, so this photo I shot of a dandelion against a lake near my home was a great image to add to a canvas.  

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Dandelion photo used for photo canvas print.

Canvas creation time

How do you create a photo canvas print from Canvas Factory?  Here are the simple steps to place an order with them on their website:

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Image of Canvas Factory homepage on a laptop.
  1. Size – I chose the size of print I wanted. I selected a 50 cm x 40 cm (20″ x 16″) print.
  2. Select Photo – I uploaded the photo I wanted to use to their site. I was able to adjust the photo to have the image where I wanted it on the canvas.
  3. Wrap Style – You can choose how your edge of your canvas border will look. You can have the image wrap around the edge of the border (Gallery Wrap), mirror the image (Mirror Wrap), or choose a colour that complements the image on the edges (Colour Wrap). I chose to have the Mirror Wrap feature.
  4. Effect – You are able to change the look of the image for your print. You also have the option to add text to make your print extra special. I chose to leave it as it was.
  5. Checkout – I made arrangements to have my canvas print shipped to my door. I also received my invoice via email to have a copy of my order.

Package received

A few days later, my Canvas Factory to arrive on my doorstep. I was so curious to see how the image on my canvas print turned out.

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Hand taking photo canvas print out of packaging.

I was pleased to see how well packaged it was. After I opened the box, my print was shrink wrapped in plastic. The edges were protected with covers to prevent crumpling during shipping.

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Photo canvas print covered in plastic and has protected corners.

Pretty picture

After all of the wrappings were removed from my print, I was able to get a better look at it. Th image is pretty close to the original image I uploaded to the site. I can see all of its florets and petals. Even some of the sun rays were still visible to add magic to this shot. I am really happy with how it turned out. 

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Photo canvas print on a wall.

Stark wall covered

After finding the right spot on my wall, I hammered a nail where I wanted to hang this photo canvas and placed it in its new home. I feel that it fills up this space nicely and brightens up this part of the room. We are so happy to have this personal touch in our home. I made a great choice in using this image to put onto a canvas!

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Photo canvas print on wall.

Art popping life in my living room

My new photo canvas print from Canvas Factory is bringing a pop of life to a blank wall of my home. It was simple to place my order online. It took a few days to arrive to my door. My print was wrapped well for shipping. The image was bright and gorgeous, making this spot in my living room. Photo canvas prints are also great gifts to give any time of the year! I have so many more photos I want to put on canvases for family and friends to make their homes pop with life, too!

Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas FactoryPin
Pop Life into Your Home with Canvas Factory

Are you wondering other ways you can pop life into your home with Canvas Factory? We revisited their website and followed them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received a free canvas print form Canvas Factory in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I have a beautiful photo I took last year. A sunset through a dandelion. That’s what I would put on canvas.

  2. In my kitchen, it doesn’t have anything hanging on the walls and i’m sure I could find a picture that would look great in there.

  3. A gorgeous Canvas Factory Print would take my living room from boring to beautiful instantly!!!! Such a great prize OMC!! THANK YOU🌻

  4. I would order a split canvas print of a photo of my hubs and I taken while we were on vacation a few years ago.

  5. I have a large, blank wall in my entry way. I have a picture that I keep saying I’ll get printed on canvas but never get around to it. If I won, I’d get it printed and put it there.

  6. I really want an extended family photo done approximately 25 people on canvas, but what size would be ideal? It would hang in our living room, the photo would be the first thing you see.

  7. My niece is an amateur photographer and takes wonderful photos so I would convert one of her prints on canvas and give it to my Mom.

  8. I’m having a canvas photo made (when my daughter remembers to send me the photo) and I do like the mirror effect so I’ll be coping you with that. 🙂


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