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17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

There are lots of benefits, when it comes to encouraging your children to play with puppets. This activity not only stimulates imagination, it also improves motor skills, teaches etiquette, boosts your child’s confidence and more. What follows is a list of 17 fun puppet crafts, suitable for kids of all ages. Let’s talk about a few of them!

17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To EnjoyPin
17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

What kid doesn’t appreciate sock puppets? This one from Jinxy Kids is easy to make and adorable to boot. It’s a great way to repurpose all of your single socks, instead of using them for dusting purposes.

Using felt is another way to construct really cute puppets, including this parrot. Felt, in almost every color you can imagine, is available at your local craft store or online. Hot glue makes building the bird easy-peasy!

If your kids are into zombies, these cute little puppets are right up their alley. Different than a traditional puppet, this one operates with the help of a clothespin. Additional materials include scissors, glue and the zombie head printable available as part of the tutorial.

17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To EnjoyPin
17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

Do you remember making paper bag puppets when you were little? If so, you were in a group of millions. This friendly little mouse puppet craft is appropriate for even the youngest crafters, with proper adult supervision, of course. Cut out the ears and whiskers and let your toddlers do the gluing. It’s as simple as that!

A simple paper plate can easily be transformed into a cute puppet, without much effort at all. This shark is just one such example. If your kids are into “Shark Week” this is a cute craft to commemorate the occasion.

Making puppets is an educational way to pass time on a Saturday afternoon or any time your kids complain about being bored. Many of these puppets make great classroom art projects as well.

17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To EnjoyPin
17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

17 Puppet Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

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  1. We’ve tried a number of these – the groundhog in the cup has been a favourite. I’m a big fan of the paper bag puppets.

  2. These are adorable and children love puppets of any description and let their imagination run wild whilst playing with them.

  3. I remember making these kinds of things when I was a kid and I imagine that kids would still love it today too


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