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Gift Memories with Canvas Factory – Review

Gift Memories with Canvas Factory – Review

My son. His smile can light up a room in an instant. I have been racking my brain to figure out a special gift to give him this holiday season. I found a fun photo of my little guy that brought back one of my favourite memories of him of this year. This inspired me to want to bring this memory to life, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Canvas Factory makes special gift memories to life by putting special photos onto canvas. They asked me to see how easy it was to create a special canvas print with a special photo. I could not wait to see how it would turn out.  


Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas Factory Pin
Boy sledding on a hill.


From memory to checkout

Here are the simple steps I went through to place an order with Canvas Factory:

  1. Size – I chose the size of print I wanted. I selected a 50 cm x 40 cm (20″ x 16″) print.
  2. Select Photo – I uploaded the photo I wanted to use to their site. I was able to adjust the photo to have the image where I wanted it on the canvas.
  3. Wrap Style – You can choose how your edge of your canvas border will look. You can have the image wrap around the edge of the border (Gallery Wrap) , mirror the image (Mirror Wrap), or choose a colour that complements the image on the edges (Colour Wrap). I chose to have the Mirror Wrap feature.
  4. Effect – You are able to change the look of the image for your print. You also have the option to add text to make your print extra special. I chose to use the Bright Effect to add some life to my image.
  5. Checkout – I made arrangements to have my canvas print shipped to my door. I also received my invoice via email to have a copy of my order.

Unwrapping a memory

It took about two weeks for my Canvas Factory to arrive on my doorstep. I was so curious to see how the image on my canvas print turned out.

I was pleased to see how well packaged it was. After I opened the box, my print was shrink wrapped in plastic. The edges were protected with covers to prevent crumpling during shipping.


Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas Factory Pin
Canvas Factory print on a stool with shipping box.


Once the plastic was off of my print, I saw the image of the photo I wanted to gift to my family. I liked having this image enlarged. It was warm and bright. I felt that I may not have wanted to have used the Bright Effect.


Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas FactoryPin
Canvas Factory print on a wall.


Up close, the image on the canvas print was much brighter than I remembered seeing it on the computer. It looked a bit darker on my laptop screen than on the canvas, but again, it could be because I used the Bright Effect and the image is smaller on my screen than it is when put onto canvas. Even though I wish I did not use this feature, I still love the overall look of my canvas print.

I was happy to see how well the frame of the print was put together. Real wood is used to construct the frame. Utility staples are used to secure the canvas print to the frame. Each one was placed well so it did not cause the canvas to pinch or wrinkle.


Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas Factory Pin
Collage of back of Canvas Factory frame.


A sneak peek at sharing a memory

I could not wait for Christmas Day to see my son unwrap this gift. Luckily, I was flying solo at home when the canvas print arrived. This gave me the perfect opportunity to find the perfect place to hang this memory. There is an empty wall in my living room that would be perfect for this print to hang.

I was right. This canvas print works so well in this space. It brought this corner of my room to life and a smile to my face. I am really excited for my son to see it and to relive this memory over and over again every time we see it.


Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas Factory Pin
Canvas Factory print on a wall in a living room.


Gifting a memory, simply and easily

I really loved how simple it was to order a canvas print from Canvas Factory. I chose the image I wanted to enlarge on a canvas. It was easy go through the steps to take my photo to put it on a canvas print. Once it arrived, I was happy to have this memory to gift so simply this year. Gifting a memory from Canvas Factory is a fabulous idea this holiday season as it is easy to put together!


Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas FactoryPin
Gift Memories This Holiday Season with Canvas Factory


Are you curious as to what else you can do to gift memories with Canvas Factory? We revisited their website and followed them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received a free canvas print form Canvas Factory in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.



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  1. I would choose the 20″ x 16″ and I would have a picture of my boys running in the rain from this past summer put onto it.

  2. I’d want the 18″ x 12″ of our newly adopted daughter to add to our photo wall. Our wall is small so the smaller sizes look better.


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