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Innovative Trends For Your Bathroom Renovation

Innovative Trends For Your Bathroom Renovation

If you are looking to breathe some new life into your bathroom, there are plenty of new, exciting, and innovative trends in design this year. Simple lines paired with intricate tile design can help you make your boring bathroom a space that you will love!

Bathroom renovations are the most popular updates that homeowners can do. The return on investment is high, especially if you are thinking about selling in the future. You can turn your bathroom into a functional and stylish space with a full reno or just some small changes like new wallpaper.

 There are plenty of ways that you can change up a drab and unattractive bathroom and turn it into a private oasis that you will enjoy for years.

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innovative bathroom

Wall Mounted Toilets

You may have only seen a wall-mounted toilet in the poshest and most modern homes or hotels in the past. Now you can have one in your own home! As the popularity of these streamlined and simple units increases, more homeowners are looking to install a wall-mounted toilet. These toilets are low maintenance and easy to clean around, unlike their floor model cousins.

No Dam Showers

For a clean and seamless look, you could install a no dam shower unit. When you remove the blockade of a shower lip or bridge, you can make your bathroom safer with less risk of falling or tripping. This open-air design can help you make your smaller bathroom look a bit bigger. Your shower unit will need to be properly graded to allow for efficient drainage, with the most effective collection being with the use of a linear drain.

Glass Shower

For an open and airy look to your bathroom, you can install a floor to ceiling glass shower unit. A full glass shower designed and professionally cut by pros is an easy upgrade that looks luxe. Creative frosting can help you maintain privacy without losing the dramatic effect that a glass unit will give you. 

Innovative Trends For Your Bathroom RenovationPin
Innovative Trends For Your Bathroom Renovation

Console Sink Vanities

These minimalist design vanities are perfect for your small bathroom or powder room. From an industrial look made from an iron pipe to a rustic wooden pedestal, a console sink can make the space look chic and organized.  Due to the lack of storage space, a console sink is a better choice for a second bathroom.

Side Mount Faucet

If you are looking to add some inventive accents to your bathroom space, you can try a side-mounted faucet. Not only does this placement add a bit of stylish flair, but can help you save some much-needed counter space. For vanities that are shallow or crowded, or if you would like to increase the size of your washbasin, a side-mounted faucet is the perfect choice.

Skinny Tile

Ceramic tile is a great design choice and highly functional in your bathroom. If you are looking to keep your decor simple but would like a pop of color or texture, long skinny tiles can have a dramatic visual effect. The cousin of the popular subway tile, skinny tiles, are functional and can easily give a modern look to your space.

Innovative Trends For Your Bathroom RenovationPin
Innovative Bathroom


You shouldn’t cringe every time you go into your own bathroom. If you need to update your decor or just want to start from scratch with a full-blown renovation, these trends for the bathroom can help give you the modern and functional look that you are looking for. Be conscious of innovative trends that are too dramatic so that your decor will stay in style for years to come!

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  1. I cringe when I go into my bathroom but only because it’s way too small. I used to have wall hanging toilets when I lived in Germany, marvellous makes cleaning the floor so much easier.

  2. My friends in Denmark have one of those no dam shower unit units – love it. However I’d never have one on the ground floor nor basement – they do at times have a big problem with ants that come up through the drainage hole.

  3. I would loved to have included a wall to ceiling shower when I did my bathroom reno. I’d also consider one of those toilets that are also a bidet.

  4. I’ve never heard of wall mounted toilets before but they look pretty nice . I love the glass showers . The house we just bought has one and I love it .


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