Simple Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

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Simple Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

Small washrooms can be frustrating to live with; especially in smaller homes or condos. A bathroom should be an oasis in many ways, so lacking enough space can be a problem. Luckily, we can implement a number of different tricks to make the space feel a lot bigger than it is. All of these things can be done without having to tear the place up and start from scratch. Below are some quick and easy ways to make your bathroom feel a little larger.

Smaller Furniture

The most logical thing to do when confronted with a small space is to find furniture that takes up less room. These pieces can utilize the room the most effectively because they’re made with efficiency in mind. Items like pedestal sinks offer a sleek look that leaves a lot of floor room. It can also make the space look bigger.

Storage Furniture

Pieces that provide storage are also available. Storage is important to keep in mind because people will always need more storage than they think they do. Wall storage cabinets are best in these cases as they leave extra floor space. This can keep the space clean looking and open.


Simple Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger



Consistent Colours

Distinct colours can emphasize the limited space  of a small bathroom. Dividing the room into smaller sections by colour create a bathroom that feels cluttered and claustrophobic. To combat this effect, one of the best ways to give the illusion of space is to have a unified colour pallet in the room. This is effective in opening up the space and unifying the room so that the eye will take the whole room in at once, rather than cutting it up into smaller pieces visually. This principle extends to the ceilings and the walls, as well. Painting the ceiling a similar colour is an easy trick to trick the eye into thinking there is more room.

Light Colours

Colours are very important when trying to achieve an overall effect, tone or mood in a space. Soothing colours are best for bedrooms as this can lull you to sleep, while bright colours for kitchens can help to motivate or stir conversation. Lighter colours in smaller spaces can help make a room feel airy makes a room feel bigger and will reflect light, opening up the space. Do not hesitate to have white-on-white, for the fixtures, walls, ceilings, and even the floor.

Bigger Tiles

Unlike bathroom furniture which should be small, bathroom tiles should be made larger. Tiny tiles create a cluttered appearance, while larger tiles open up the room and make it seem sleeker and more spacious. This is the goal after all. Affordable tiling is easy to find. Just be sure to check quality at your local store or by researching online to ensure that the tiling will last for years to come.


Simple Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom Mirror


The easiest way to make any small bathroom seem more spacious is to install a mirror. A mirror will both reflect light and space back, making the bathroom appear larger — even  double in size. Not to mention it doesn’t require any home renovations or even painting. Just a possible hammer and nail for installation. If possible an oversized mirror would be the most effective, but there are many different options that would work. For instance, floating mirrors are perfect for bathrooms with limited wall space. Looking at online furniture stores are good for getting an idea of what’s available and could be used in the space.

There are a lot of resources for furniture available to those looking to improve the look of their bathroom; especially if it’s to modify the feeling of space and comfort.  It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and a new big mirror, so why not invest a little bit of time, and an even smaller amount of money to enjoy your bathroom a little more? Your bathroom oasis is yours, and you shouldn’t hesitate to personalize your own private place.


Simple Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

Simple Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger


What will you do to make your bathroom a personal haven? 


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