How to Make a Salad in a Jar

| July 5, 2013 | 10 Comments

Salad in a jar


Have you tried making a salad in a jar?  It’s a great idea as you can prepare a few jars at at time and keep them in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.  If you would like to keep them refrigerated for a week, you must vacuum seal the Mason Jars.  You can purchase a FoodSaver® Wide Mouth Jar Sealer with a vacuum sealer kit.  This process will help your salad remain fresh and crisp. I did not use a sealer.


Salad in a jar 2



Wash and cut your vegetables, and also spin your lettuce.

Put in the jar from bottom to top (very important)
  • Dressing
  • Shredded carrots
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Green Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Lettuce

When ready to eat just shake the jar, pour on a place, and eat!

You can add any ingredients you would like as long as you remember that the dressing has to be at the bottom and the lettuce at the top.

This video shows how to use a Foodsaver to seal a Mason jar.



Have you tried preparing a salad in a jar?

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  1. Sarah (Buttercreamgirl) says:

    I just came across your FB page which lead me here. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    I have never tried making salad in a jar but it does sound like a great idea, especially for lunches. Thanks for the idea!

  3. kathy downey says:

    I have never tried making salad in a jar,this is the first time hearing of it but it does sound like a great idea.

  4. Susan T. says:

    I haven’t tried this but I’m always looking for ways to get my produce to stay fresher longer and the vacuum sealing is a really clever idea!

  5. kathy downey says:

    Ive tried this a few times now,works so well for lunches

  6. kathy downey says:

    The kids are loving this for school lunches

  7. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I’ve never tried making a salad in a jar, but it looks like a great idea, thanks so much for your tip!

  8. Debbie White Beattie says:

    This is such a smart way to take a salad to work or just to store it. I can tell from the ingredients how healthy it is. I love it!

  9. kathy downey says:

    What a great way to take salad out!

  10. Shirley P says:

    This is a great idea thanks love salad

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