How to Make a Liner for your Kitchen Container the Origami Style

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How to Make a Liner for your Kitchen Container the Origami Style

Kitchen Container


How to Make a Liner for your Kitchen Container the Origami Style

Does your kitchen bin look filthy with food sticking to the bottom? To help, you can get two types of paper liner bags for the bin or kitchen container – two ply, and a “cellulose” lined  bag. Both of these are acceptable. Cellulose lining looks like plastic, but it is plantbased material and fully compostable. Paper bags with cellulose lining are leak resistant and odour proof.

With approximately 40 per cent of household waste being organic, I think the concept of the green bin is a great idea.  Our ability to reduce and reuse is greatly increased by using it! What I don’t like is the cost associated with buying the bags.

We subscribe to the Ottawa Citizen and just recycle the newspaper until I saw how simple it is to use origami to make a liner for the kitchen container.  The paper absorbs the liquid so no leaks.
How to Make a Liner for your Kitchen Container the Origami Style

A kitchen container with instructions on how to make a liner


In the green bin, you can also:

  • Layer paper organics with food organics. For instance, put facial tissues or shredded paper in between layers of food waste.
  • Line the bottom of your containers with other types of paper such as sugar, or flour bags, take-out paper packaging, egg cartons, paper coffee trays, cardboard, or sheets of newspaper.
You can view this video on how to make the origami liner by a 6 years old Ottawa girl! So cute!


To print a PDF on how to make a liner for your kitchen container from the City of Ottawa, please click on the photo below! 


How to Make a Liner for your Kitchen Container the Origami Style

Instructions for the Organics Origami- Paper liner for Kitchen Container


Do you use a kitchen container at home? Do you dump the food in it or use paper or a paper bag to keep your bin cleaner?

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  1. createwithmom says:

    cute idea 🙂 lovely video

  2. Cheryl Grandy says:

    Great idea! I hate the idea of buying liner bags made especially for compost buckets – besides the cost, there’s the resources used to make the liner. This uses something that would otherwise be recycled anyway. And there are no extra resources used in manufacturing, transporting etc.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Brilliant, I too object to the hefty price for the compostable bags and as mentioned by Cheryl it’s much better to use what is to be recycled anyway rather than use resources to make special bags.
    Is there a way to get a hold of these instructions, I just wasn’t quick enough
    🙁 and it would take too long watching again and again.

  4. Debbie White Beattie says:

    This is such and creative way to line the trash bin. I’m either not smart enough or creative enough to ever come up with this garbage liner.

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