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How To Avoid Catching A Cold And Flu

Winter illnesses seem to be inevitable but there are a number of simple steps which will help you diminish the chances of catching the dreaded cold and flu.

Cold and flu remedies

With viruses spreading like wildfire this winter, take time out to follow these top tips to make sure you protect yourself. It may mean the difference between feeling slightly under the weather and being really ill.

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Cold and Flu Checklist Printable

How To Avoid Catching A Cold And Flu

1. Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands at least ten times a day. It may sound obsessive, but it will greatly decrease your chances of catching the cold, flu, bugs, and viruses. Key times when you should wash your hands include before and after you go to the toilet, after you shake hands or touch other people, after you touch work equipment (computers and phones), and before you prepare food.

2. Use Anti-Bacterial Handwash

Keep some anti-bacterial handwash in your handbag or pocket. It is brilliant if you can’t get to wash your hands and it will kill most bacteria.

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Fowler’s® Echinacea with Thyme

3. Boost Immune System To Beat The Cold and Flu

Taking extra vitamin C and multi-vitamins can offer the body a much needed boost for the cold and flu, which will make you much better equipped for fighting infection. Many people use Echinacea in herbal medicine to keep your immune system health working well.

4. Eat Well

Eat three times a day and avoid too much alcohol and junk food. Hearty soups and stews can do a lot for your immune system. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially oranges, are a must. Also drink plenty of water. Sometimes you can flush the cold and flu out of your system quickly if you drink more water.

How To Avoid Catching A Winter Cold And FluPin
Fruits and vegetables in a bowl.

5. Sleep Well

Avoid burning the candle at both ends. Resting is your body’s way of rejuvenating. When you are overtired, you will find it more difficult to fight the viruses or infection if you are unfortunate enough to catch the cold and flu.

6. Get The Flu Shot

The flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu. According to the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, everyone should be vaccinated for the flu, but here are the groups of people who get effected by the cold and flu:

  • Healthy children between six months to five years-old
  • Healthy pregnant women at any stage during their pregnancy
  • Individuals 65 years of age and older
  • Children and adults with chronic medical conditions.
Woman resting

7. De-stress

Make sure you do something nice for yourself every day, even if it is just taking a hot bath, watching your favourite TV show, or eating something nice. Having a little treat will help you feel good about yourself and help you relax, which is essential if you have to put your energy into zapping viruses.

8. Hibernate from the Cold or Flu

Of course, it is pretty difficult not to interact with the outside world, but if there is a flu epidemic and you don’t have to go out, then stay in and get cozy. It may sound anti-social, but if you don’t come into contact with people, then you are less likely to catch a cold or flu.

How To Avoid Catching A Winter Cold And Flu

9. And if the worst happens?

Stay warm, drink water, take hot lemon drinks and painkillers, and sit it out. Try not to go to work. No one minds a work colleague having time off if they are genuinely poorly sick. If you go in when you really have a cold or flu, you will probably spread it round your office, and there is a possibility that you may hinder your recovery if you drag yourself into work before you are ready!

What are your tips to avoid catching the cold or flu? Comment below!

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