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Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

We all have fond memories of our childhood. Most of us have probably experienced the excitement of looking for the basket the Easter bunny left behind for us. We have gathered some of the best DIY Easter basket ideas and Easter basket filler ideas to make this holiday super fun for kids of all ages!

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Where does the origin of the Easter basket lie? Does the Easter basket actually have any meaning with the true reason for the holiday? We will attempt to answer these questions and more.

The History of Easter

First on the agenda is the history of Easter. It is believed that the earliest Christians did not actually celebrate the resurrection of Christ on any one day, but several days during the season. This all changed when a group of Christians converted a group of Gentiles who would not give up their worship of the goddess of fertility-Eostre. The Christians gave in and decided to incorporate the doctrine of the resurrection. Hence Christians now have a single day of the year when they celebrate the resurrection of Christ: Easter.

Goddess Eostre

Legend has it that the fertility goddess Eostre carried a basket filled with eggs which are the symbol of fertility. It is said that people used to bring their own baskets to her temple and have them blessed. This would allow them to have a plentiful harvest. This is the earliest known occurrence of carrying a basket filled with eggs and is most likely when this tradition started.

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Easter Baskets Blessed by Priests

In more recent times, the baskets were carried by Catholics on their way to church. The baskets were filled with their Easter feast, and the goal was to have the baskets blessed by the priest. This is about the extent of the Easter basket in Christianity though as there is nothing in the Bible that says anything about a basket.

The Gift of Easter Baskets

There is, however, no reasons to not give Easter baskets and both practicing Christians and non Christians tend to give Easter baskets. There really is nothing wrong with giving a gift. After all, when Christ died on the cross for our sins, that was a gift given to us. As such, Easter baskets are gifts from us to our children.

Easter Basket Craft

Easter is a wonderful holiday to celebrate the renewal the spring season brings and how to show your creative side. Why not make a cute basket with the kids as they await the Easter bunny? I’ll clue you into some new products and ideas to fill these baskets as well.


Easter Bunny Paper Bag

This Easter bunny craft is super simple and fun for kids to make. And you will feel good about repurposing your paper grocery bags as well. You will need supplies like these:

  • 1 paper bag like lunch, grocery or craft bag
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pom-pom
  • Googly eyes
  • Cotton ball
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Markers/Crayons

How To make an Easter Bunny Basket

1. Take your flat grocery bag and draw a pair of rabbit ears with a pencil on the top open half of the bag.

2. Cut the ears out, leaving them attached to the bag.


3. Invite the children to give the bunny a face and use items like markers, plastic googly eyes, pom-pom for the nose, pipe-cleaner for the whiskers, and a cotton ball for the tail on the back of the bag.


4. Now the kids can leave their special bag on the table to get filled by the Easter Bunny or to use for an egg hunt.

You can also tie the Easter bunny paper bag basket with a ribbon or twine to store the candy, chocolate, and toys.

Eco-friendly Easter Basket Idea

Easter baskets are fun for children and parents alike. Environmentally conscious parents can use the tradition for some fun teaching and family time while learning how to decrease the holiday’s carbon footprint. Recycled materials, fair trade chocolate, and natural dyes are just a few ideas for an eco-friendly Easter.


An Easter basket does not necessarily need to be a basket. However, many people can find traditional baskets stored away. Check through storage areas to find baskets or similar containers like decorative boxes or even bowls which can be re-used instead of buying new baskets.

Kids are usually more interested in the goodies inside than the basket itself. Recycling something from your home saves money, gas for the trip to the store and all of the energy that goes into making and transporting a new basket. This can be significant especially if the new basket comes from a distant country.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas

These are original and easy Easter basket craft ideas for you to make with your kids.

  1. Tasty DIY Easter Baskets For Kids
  2. DIY Cereal Box Easter Basket
  3. Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas
  4. DIY Bunny Baskets
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  7. How to Make Milk Jug Easter Baskets
  8. Make A Rainbow Easter Basket
  9. LIL’ DIY Easter Basket With Felt
  10. DIY Candy Easter Basket
  11. Baby Yoda Easter Basket
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Easter Basket Filler Ideas

You will find below a list of crafts, recipes, and store bought items to fill your children’s Easter baskets. These are fun Easter basket stuffer ideas to put in your children’s DIY Easter baskets.

Easter toys

They are many fun toy eggs that you can include in your kid’s basket such as this Unicorn Growing Egg or this Magic Lizard Growing Egg. Submerge the egg in water and watch the hatching process commence. These eggs are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Crayola also has some great suggestions for Easter basket toys. Their Crayola Colour Wonder Mess-Free Mini Markers Classic are small enough to fit into a basket and for on the go; it fits into a cup holder in the car. The Crayola Color Wonder Markers only appear on Color Wonder paper and not on walls, carpets or car upholstery.

Adorable Bunny and Chick Wind Up Toys are fun for kids of all age and the ideal Easter gift. You can usually also purchase them at a Dollar Store, Amazon or big box chain store. These wind up toys are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Easy Easter basket filler ideas

Children do like things to eat, but there are many favourites other than candy. Of course coloured Easter eggs are a must for tradition. Think about fruit and packaged dried fruit snacks. Annie’s Bunny Grahams are adorable rabbit-shaped cookies the kids will enjoy.

Books are always an appropriate gift and can be included in a basket. Think about a traditional title such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit, but also some newer books such as The Easter Egg by Jan Brett, or Happy Easter, Mouse by Laura Numeroff.

Visit your local craft or dollar store for Easter related stickers, party favours, bottle of bubbles, and colouring books. And last but not least, include a new child’s spin toothbrush for good dental health and taking off some of the sweet treats that are part of this holiday that we sometimes can’t resist.

Eco-friendly Easter Filler Ideas

Easter can be fun and eco-friendly. With a little imagination and commitment, Easter basket fillers can also help the local economy and provide educational fun!

Easter Chocolate

Purchasing chocolate from local retailers supports the local economy and reduces energy use from transportation. Fair trade chocolate may be difficult to find, but ensures slave labor is not used in production.

Transportation can add to the carbon footprint of any product, so buying chocolate locally is good for the local economy and the environment. Hay or straw may be available for purchase at the same farms free range eggs are purchased. Consider this a natural alternative to plastic Easter grass.

Natural Easter Egg Dye

Dying Easter eggs can be educational and fun. Many traditional egg dyes can be made from natural sources. Producing these dyes is a good basis for a grade school science project.

How to make natural easter egg dyes

Boil a handful of the dye ingredient in about a cup of water. Boiling longer or soaking the egg longer will produce a more intense dye colour. Add the Easter decorated eggs to the basket when they are dry.

All natural easter egg dyes

  • Blue: Canned blueberries, boiled red cabbage or red grape juice.
  • Brown: Coffee, black walnut shells or black tea.
  • Green: Boiled spinach leaves.
  • Orange: Boiled yellow onion skins, paprika or carrots.
  • Red: Boiled red onions and skins, red beets and juice, canned cherries or raspberries. Less boiling or dying produces a pink colour.
  • Yellow: Boiled orange or lemon peels, celery seed, turmeric, cumin or green tea.
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Creative easter basket filler ideas

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People from all walks of life give Easter baskets to their children. This is an acceptable practice. The giving of Easter baskets really has no root in Christianity, or the reason that we celebrate the holiday. It does not really matter why or when the Easter baskets were first given, all that matters with is that they are given freely. 

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