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35 Ideas to Decorate Easter Eggs

You won’t believe all the ideas to decorate Easter eggs that are available! Whether it’s stickers, markers, or dye, there are so many options for you and your kids to have fun decorating Easter eggs.

Easter is such a magical holiday for little ones. There’s the Easter bunny, Easter treats, cookies and chocolate, Easter crafts, Easter baskets, and of course the egg hunt. Remember growing up and decorating eggs with your parents? Chances are you simply dipped the eggs in some dye and that was it. While that’s fun, there are so many other ways to decorate Easter eggs.



Every child looks forward to dying Easter eggs for the big Easter egg hunt. Many Easter decorations involve seeing a colourful Easter egg. Of course, what’s the Easter bunny without his basket of chocolate Easter eggs? However, many children and adults don’t realize the history of the Easter egg and how it became such an icon to the holiday.

The egg has been considered a symbol of birth and renewal for hundreds of years. It began back in what Christians refer to as pagan times, although there are many pagans who celebrate the same traditions today. They believe the egg is a symbol of the renewal of spring as spring emerges through a harsh winter much in the way a chick hatches from an egg.


Easter is actually named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre (also known as Eastre or Ostara). One year Eostre was late and winter continued to pound the region. Once she did arrive she found a small bird almost frozen to death. Out of guilt, she cared for this bird as her pet. The bird recovered but would never be able to fly again. She decided to turn him into a snow hare and give him the name Lepus. So that he would always remember he was once a bird, she also gave him the ability to lay brightly coloured eggs in which he gives to the children during the festival of Ostara.


With the coming of Christianity having to compete with Pagan beliefs, the Christians decided to take on many of the pagan celebrations and turn them into Christian holidays. This was in hope of converting pagans to Christianity with more ease. So to put a Christian spin on the Easter egg, they say that the egg represents rebirth into the Christian faith and dedication to the teachings of Jesus. The hatching chick from the Easter egg is to represent Jesus’ resurrection as he emerged from the tomb.Report ad


Around the Middle Ages in England, it became a tradition to decorate eggs for Easter. The wealthy flaunted their wealth by using gold. The peasants tend to use dyes from flowers and other plants that gave a nice hue. Shortly after the Middle Ages, people in the 1600s started exchanging egg shaped gifts. By the 1800s, chocolate Easter eggs made their emergence and have been popular since then.


In the late 1800s, Peter Carl Fabarge was commission to create a beautiful Easter egg design to be given as a gift to the Czar’s wife. The egg was designed with beautiful jewels which opened up to reveal a smaller just as beautiful egg. Each year he created a new, beautifully designed egg as an Easter gift. He created fifty-seven eggs in all. They are now known as Imperial Easter Eggs and many people continue to create them even after Carl Fabarge’s death.

As you can see the Easter egg went from a simple meaning of rebirth and renewal to more extensive meanings. Regardless, the Easter egg continues to be a major symbol of Easter today whether it is for the great Easter egg hunt, to place in Easter baskets, or to decorate a home.

How To Cook The Eggs

If you plan to eat the eggs after the Easter festivities are over, make sure to properly cook them. The best way to hard boil an egg, and avoid that icky green colour on the yolk, is to boil the eggs for 5 minutes, remove from heat, and cover the pot. Let the eggs sit for 30 minutes and you’ll have perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Now, when it comes to creative ways to decorate Easter eggs, there are so many options. It all depends on the age of your children. Some techniques can be extremely advanced, while others are so simple that a toddler can do it. Decorating eggs is a great way to spend the day before Easter doing something fun with your kids.

Creative Ways to Decorate Easter EggsPin

Ideas to Decorate Eggs for Easter

Let these fun ways to decorate easter eggs be an inspiration. You can always use these as a jumping off point for creating your own Easter egg designs. Just remember, dip-dying eggs will always be fun, but you can do so much more. Even placing stickers on the eggs before dying them and then peeling the stickers off to reveal a design can be a lot of fun.

Crayons and Dye

Before you dye the egg, color designs on it with a white crayon. You can write your name, draw squiggly lines, or any other design you think of. When you dip the egg in the dye, the areas that are colored will remain white.


After you dye the eggs and they have dried, decorate them with Easter Stickers. If you have more than one child coloring eggs, they may want to keep up with the eggs that they created. You can use one type of sticker for each child and place it on the bottom of the egg. This way they will not be confused.

Egg Animals

These eggs can be dyed or you can just leave them white. It all depends on the type of animal you want to create. For this you will need googly craft eyes, pom-poms, feathers, glitter, sequins, beads, markers, yarn, ribbon, fabric scraps, construction paper, and an imagination. Try creating an Easter bunny or baby chick!

Masking Tape and Dye

Take the masking tape and cut it into small shapes such as circles, stars, or squares. Stick the masking tape shapes on the egg and dip it into the dye. Once the dye has completely dried, remove the tape. You will be left with white places where the tape was. Try creating a polka-dotted Easter egg!

Rubber Bands and Dye

This is idea comes from making home-made tied died shirts. Take the rubber bands and wrap them around you eggs. Use as many or as few as you would like. Dip the egg in dye and wait for it to dry before removing the elastic bands.


For this type of egg you will need colored tissue paper and glue. Tear the tissue into small pieces and dilute the glue with a small amount of water. Cover the egg with the white glue and randomly place your small pieces of tissue paper on the egg.

Spray Paint

For many Easter egg hunts there is one special egg hidden somewhere in the grass. The person who finds this egg usually wins a prize of some sort. Spray painting that egg gold makes it really special. Spray paint can be used on any of the eggs though. It comes in many different colors and textures. Be creative.

Shaving Cream

For this method, you will need a paper plate, food colouring, and shaving cream. The shaving cream needs to be foam and not the gel type. Fill the paper plate with a layer of shaving cream and add a few drops of different colours of food colouring. Use a toothpick or fork to move the colours around so that they are spread out through the shaving cream. Do not spread them so much that all of the colours blend and turn into only one ugly shade of brown. Take the egg and dip it into the mixture, making sure to get all sides of the egg. Use a paper towel to wipe away the shaving cream from the egg. You should be left with a tie-dyed effect.


Acrylic paint is great for the artists in your family. With the paints they can create anything they want on the Easter egg. Turn it into a football or paint it to look like a baby chick has cracked the top open. This work can be a little more tedious, but it also allows the child to be creative and use their imagination.

All of these different ways to decorate Easter eggs can be used on their own, or you can combine these ideas and come up with Easter eggs that are even more creative. Adding a little fun to your Easter eggs will make your Easter egg hunt and Easter basket even more exciting.

Creative Ways to Decorate Easter EggsPin

Creative easter egg decorating ideas

These tutorials show you how to make a huge variety of different decorated Easter Eggs. We have covered everything from natural dyes to, painting eggs and of course, let’s not forget the good ole sharpie pen. All of these Easter Eggs are easy to make and come with full tutorials.

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  7. String or Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs
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When I was a child I believed there was only one way to decorate an Easter egg. We would dip them in the bright dyes and then place them in the empty egg carton to dry. As I have gotten older, I have found ways to make decorating Easter eggs more creative and a lot more fun.

What’s your favourite way to decorate Easter eggs? Share your comments below so that everyone can learn all the creative ways to decorate Easter eggs.

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  1. Such sweet ideas, I used to dye egg shells using onion skin and delicate ferns and I also painted Easter bunnies in varying scenes on egg shells too, it was fun. A great shame egg shells aren’t very robust.

  2. I adore the Choir Singing Boho Easter Eggs, they are so cute. This theme could be used for Christmas carols too.

  3. I’m amazed at all the beautiful ways eggs are decorated nowadays because back when I was a kid we just stuck them in food coloring and it was done but today they’re very elaborate and detailed.

  4. I was thinking of making natural eggs this year (never tried it before – but I think the kids would like it). Thank you for the link!

  5. You gave us a lot of beautiful ways to be creative with decorating Easter eggs. When I was a kid just dipping the eggs in food coloring was about as creative as we got.

  6. This would be a fun Easter project to do with the grandkids.The floral eggs and the black with metallic ones are so pretty.


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