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Interior Decorating Styles 101 Part 2- Contemporary Decor

While it is common for contemporary interiors to include modern style decor features, there are key differences between the two.  The first and most important being that modern decor is set by a certain time period and contemporary changes constantly with time.

Contemporary decor can best be described as being “in the here and now”.  It’s about what is in now, what is popular now and what is available now.  What is considered to be contemporary today will be traditional next year.  When you here, “contemporary decor” always remember it as an evolving, dynamic style.  Contemporary interiors contain innovative materials and technology that experiment with new designs while paying attention to color, space, and shape.  Comfort, function, and current style trends are the key components of contemporary interiors.

Contemporary Dining RoomPin

Here are some key elements to keep in mind when using contemporary style decor;

Soft lines are apparent in furniture while still remaining simple and sleek.  The look is soft, comfortable, trendy and just waiting to be lounged on.  Chairs and sofas have exposed legs of chrome or  dark  wood.  Glass tables with chrome are popular, and wood furniture is normally maple or birch with minimal graining.

Fine textured natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen and silk add depth without disturbing the contemporary simplicity.  Patterns in fabrics are kept to a minimum as they are too complicated and distracting.  Pillows add a shot of color and texture.  There are no tassels, fringes, or elaborate trim present in contemporary fabrics.
Window treatments are also simple, airy, and clean ranging from curtains to crisp roman blinds.

Main colours include white, black, and neutral with bold accents on sections of walls, in art and on cushions.  Colour and texture are added with plain or geometric-patterned area rugs.
Tone-on-tone colour palettes are popular.  Brightly colored flowers such as tulips in a white vase add the perfect feel to a contemporary room.

Much like modern decor lighting fixtures are used as artistic statements, and can be the topic of discussion when guests come to visit.  Floor and table lamps are composed of sleek metallic finishes and colorful lamp shades. Track lighting showcases art and accessories and highlights focal points in the room.

Art and Accessories
Art and accessories consist of geometric, abstract and “of the moment” fads.  Accessories do not take up a lot of space but when they are present they consist of smooth shiny materials such as metal and emphasize structure.  Textured, and designer wallpaper add a feeling of art to the walls.

If you lean more toward the trendy side of fashion and enjoy simple things with a bit of flair then contemporary decor may be your style.  With its focus on color, shape and current trends it is a popular choice with artistic personalities who like to feel very comfortable and casual with their surroundings. The ever-changing ideas of contemporary decor make for an exciting style of interiors that will never grow old and will always evolve as time changes.

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  1. thank you for a very informative article. I really liked the photo of the hanging lights, they look beautiful but I think it would explode my electricity bill 🙂

  2. Hi Elizabeth, You are very welcome and thanks for commenting.
    It is a beautiful light!
    These are energy efficient lights and only amount to a little over 100 watts when they are on. Since they are in their dining room they are only used about 4 times a year 🙂

  3. I love a lot of things about this room especially the colours and the table and chairs. I would say that my design style is traditional contemporary because I love a blend of both


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