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Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, Review

It was a pleasure to head out to the Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, in St. Constant and review their activities and exhibitions.

Childhood Train Memories

Growing up, I feel in love with train travelling. Actually I was 5 years old, and alone on my first trip on a train leaving Montreal for Quebec City.

My parents left me under the supervision of the train master and he took me to a seat near a window. I was all dressed up, and so excited, so much that I forgotten what a 3 hour train ride would entitled, food and drink. This is when I found out that I had no money in my little purse.

Exporail St-ConstantPin

Nevertheless, this was a minor detail, hey, the train was leaving the station, and nothing else mattered. I sat there quietly admiring my hometown through a different route, not at all intimidated by adults smiling at my composure.

Exporail St-ConstantPin

After all, being raised with adults, was quite normal, and I knew how to behaved nicely. To my surprise, arrives, sandwiches, soft drinks, chocolate, that I gracefully was thankful for; this was the most memorable trip to my grand-parent’s house. Of course, not the last one either.

My uncle was waiting for me at the Quebec’s station, a little worried, on the about’s of a young child’s travelling at such a young age. The train master, reassured him, keeping a watchful eye at a little distance. As I got older, was told that passengers could not believe how nice children can be, so they left me to fully enjoy this experience.

Visiting Exporail in St. Constant brought back these childhood train memories!

Exporail Review

Viewing trains, locomotives, trams of the older days, reminded me of how much time flies. This Exporail museum is interesting as many cars are opened to visitors, with 2 cars that children can play in, you may also spot a locomotive’s motors, and even the futuristic Metro car.

Exporail St-ConstantPin

Visitors embark on the tram that circles the different sites, allowing to view all the surroundings, and makes frequent stops in order to enter the buildings. What a pleasure to sit and enjoy the ride.

Children will love seeing how letters were sent to Santa Clause in the older days.

Exporail St-ConstantPin

There are several trains outside and inside hangers, the tram makes frequent stop so we can explore a station, that boasts 2 floors of artifacts and live media historical data.

Exporail St-ConstantPin

Walking through a diesel locomotive, what a thrill, and the noise is included.

This is a museum dedicated to enhance parents and children’s knowledge adding a fun time doing so. I definitely recommend visiting the Exporail with your family!

I am a grand-parent interested in family relationships, consciousness, decor, books, movies. Unpublished author, who loves to write and expand knowledge about all that may bring peace of mind - meditation, exercise - exchange of views and opinions on what matter most in life. Love, respect and growth, harmony, friendship and understanding changes that we all face in this very important life patterns.

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  1. my boys love trains! They would love this.
    Great post. Thanks for linking up to Travel Tuesday.

  2. I love travelling by train, it is so much fun and you can enjoy some views sometimes hardly to catch from a train window!


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