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Disney PhotoPass Service – Yes or No

When you visit Walt Disney World, you make memories that last a lifetime. No matter your age, or how many times you’ve been, it’s always a special experience. Have you tried Disney PhotoPass service to capture your trip’s memories? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of using Disney PhotoPass.

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What is PhotoPass?

PhotoPass is a complimentary service where Disney photographers take your picture and give you a PhotoPass card, or scan your MagicBand to attach the pictures to your account. You can create an account at Disney and view all of the photos taken of you and your family.

You can see the different products they offer and choose items that you want to purchase to remember your trip. If you know you’re going to want a lot of photos, you might consider the enhancement called Memory Maker.

Some photographers at Disney will use the two terms interchangeably, so keep in mind that PhotoPass and Memory Maker are essentially the same thing. If you’re going to use the service, you can save a bit of money by choosing to do it before you go and planning it all out. If you hear about it first at the park, you don’t get the same advantage.

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Difference between Disney PhotoPass and Memory Maker

PhotoPass is the name of the service and your individual photos. With PhotoPass Service, you can purchase several products with your photos printed on them like calendars, mugs, phones cases, and buy individual photos.

Memory Maker is the name of the photo package that contains your PhotoPass pictures and videos. You can choose to buy the Disney World Memory Maker for 1 day or for the duration of your stay. This includes all photos and videos taken for the day or your stay. You need to download all your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos before they expire (45 days from the date they’re taken). Once they expire, they can no longer be purchased or downloaded.

Knowing that distinction, you’re ready to decide if it’s right for you!

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Disney PhotoPass Service: Pros and Cons

You know that you’re going to have your camera and probably smartphones with you at Disney and you can take your own photos, so is Disney PhotoPass worth it and why would you need Disney PhotoPass service?

Here are some Disney PhotoPass benefits:

  1. Disney Magic Shots – This is a PhotoPass exclusive and the professional photographer will post you as needed and then digitally add a character, balloons or other items to the pictures. It’s an enhancement to your Memory Maker package. Basically a “Photoshop” experience, but fun.
  2. When you use PhotoPass, you can get everyone in the photo, rather than someone needing to take the photo of your group.
  3. The photos are professional so the quality might be better, especially if you’re not that skilled at taking photos.
  4. You can get a photo quickly when you walk through an area or pass a PhotoPass photographer.
  5. You can get photos of your family on rides.
  6. When you purchase the Memory Maker in advance, you can get a discount.
  7. You can review all of your photos and borders, etc. at home to see the ones you want.
  8. You can download your Disney PhotoPass photos for up to 25 members of your Family & Friends who share media with you.
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Some Disney World PhotoPass cons:

  1. The package is pricey and not everyone will be able to budget it after springing for a Disney vacation, too.
  2. The online photo editing tools are limited.
  3. There are not PhotoPass photographers with all of the characters (but with most of them).
  4. There is a chance that photos can be lost. It’s rare, but with so many photos taken of so many people around the parks all day long, there are chances some can be lost. If you get back home and don’t see a shot of your favourite character in your package, there’s a possibility that nothing you can be done about it unless you’re going back. Having said this, you can contact Disney PhotoPass customer service to see if they can find your photo.

Every time I have been to Walt Disney World, I used the Disney PhotoPass service and purchased in advance the Disney Memory Maker for the duration of our stay. You can’t beat the magical photos the Disney photographers take of your family members!

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