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Bubble Fun With Funrise Toys – Review

Bubble fun can make any day bright for kids. They are round, shiny and float, making kids laugh and smile. GAZILLION Bubbles from Funrise Toys loves sharing toys that bring fun to playtime! They asked us if we wanted to try out two of their toys to get summer off to a fun start. We were excited to see how much fun they would have playing with them! Let’s see how we found to have Bubble Fun With Funrise Toys!

Below are the items we received to get ready for summer:

  • A GAZILLION Bubblecycle
  • A GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine.

Bubble Fun for Summer with Funrise Toys  

Bubble Fun for Summer with GAZILLION Bubbles Pin
GAZILLION Bubbles toys.

Revving up for bubble fun

My kids have a need for speed. They love hearing the rev of an engine and to speed away into fun. The GAZILLION Bubblecycle gives kids a sense of speed as they create bubbles to chase after and enjoy. The Bubblecycle can ride over grass, sidewalks, or the driveway. Its motor spins and the engine rolls like a real motorcycle. It is lightweight, so it is easy for young users to pick up and push. It also has a no-leak bubble chamber to help prevent messy spillovers.

My kids rumbling with excitement to try this toy. Though they may be too tall to stand up straight to use this toy properly, they had a lot of fun pushing it across our backyard. The bubble chamber was really easy to load with bobble solution.

Hand filling bubble solution into GAZILLION Bubblecycle.Pin
Hand filling bubble solution into GAZILLION Bubblecycle.

They LOVED hearing the revving sound of the engine whenever they pushed it. What we did not find was the amount of bubbles that were released from this toy. We had to really get this cycle going in order to see a slight stream of bubbles come out.

Girl pushing GAZILLION Bubblecycle.Pin
Girl pushing GAZILLION Bubblecycle.

Playing in a bubble rush

Young kids can’t get enough of bubble play. Playing in a cloud of bubbles is an experience they love having. The GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine wants to give kids this experience. It is a 3-tiered high-powered bubble machine that is designed to provide a bubble explosion in seconds. The three-sectioned no-spill modual design includes a removable washable top, solution recycling tray, and a sealed battery/motor base. Just pour the solution into the reservoir and push the button to get the bubble-ution started! This set requires 6 AA batteries and is recommended for kids ages 3+.

Bubble Fun for Summer with GAZILLION BubblesPin
Girl putting solution into GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine.

My daughter really enjoyed playing with this toy. She loves how easy it is to get the pour the bubble solution into the reservoir and to start the bubble fun. I really like how simple it is to take this machine apart to reuse the extra solution.

Girl pouring solution out of reservoir of GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine.Pin
Girl pouring solution out of reservoir of GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine.

We were able to get a lot of bubbles blowing out of this machine. She enjoyed watching them fly and have all sorts of imaginative fun while the bubbles soared into the air.

Bubble Fun for Summer with GAZILLION BubblesPin
Girl playing with GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine.

Bubble fun all summer long

Both toys from GAILLION Bubbles are helping my kids get a great start to having fun this summer. Though we did get a lot of bubbles out of the GAZILLION Bubblecycle, they love running it around to pretend they are riding on their own motorcycle. The GAZILLION Bubble Rush machine gives my daughter endless fun as she gets to play in bubbles in a snap. Summer can seem to stretch on, but these toys from GAZILLION will be helping to give them bubble fun all summer long!

Bubble Fun for Summer with Funrise ToysPin
Bubble Fun for Summer with Funrise Toys

Curious about other toys your kids can play with to float into fun with GAZILLION Bubbles? You can visit Funrise Toys on their website, and connect with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube pages to find more bubbly fun to have!

Disclaimer: My family received products from Funrise Toys to write a review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I can see my youngest grandson really enjoying the Bubblecycle. He loves being active and running around so this bubble toy would make it extra fun.

  2. A GAZILLION Bubblecycle sure sounds like a lot fun. This would be fun for a family fun time with the little ones.

  3. My grandson just loves bubbles. He is walking now and loves pushing things around. He would love the GAZILLION Bubblecycle.

  4. My son would definitely love the Gazillion Bubbles Bubblecycle. He loves bubbles…and would love to great a gazillion bubbles himself!

  5. I think that each of my children would like to use the Bubblecycle on their own, but as a group we would get the most fun out of the Bubble Rush machine!

  6. Me and the kids would have so much fun with A Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Rush machine. We love blowing bubbles ! This would be wonderful!

  7. I think the Bubblecycle would for sure be the biggest hit with my youngest, she’d love to create bubbles with it!

  8. My neighbour’s two boys are always playing in their yard with their toy trucks so the Tonka Power Movers Excavator would be great for them.

  9. My grandchildren would enjoy the Tonka MIGHTY FLEET Rescue Helicopter Fire Rescue from Funrise Toys this summer.

  10. The Tonka POWER MOVERS Cement Mixer would add fun to summer play and my grandchildren would enjoy playing with it in the sandbox.

  11. That Giant Gazillion Megabubble Blaster looks like it would be awesome for the kids to have a blast with this summer.

  12. The Giant Gazillion Megabubble Blaster looks like so much fun! I’m sure my kids would have a blast with it this summer.

  13. Please ignore my last comment I put it in the wrong giveaway!
    One of my grandsons is fascinated by big machines just like the Tonka MIGHTY MOTORIZED Tow Truck, he’d have lots of fun with this one too.

  14. The Tonka POWER MOVERS Excavator would be another great toy for my grandson, he’d have lots of fun digging around with that.

  15. Another great toy for my grandson would be the Tonka POWER MOVERS Front Loader – at 5 yrs old he ‘helped’ this dad build a workshop which entailed operating lots of big machines just like this. 🙂


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