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How To Make An Omelette

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Tuesday, isn’t the only day of the year you can eat breakfast for dinner. In my house, we often have breakfast for dinner, especially when looking for something quick, but healthy to eat. One of my favourite things is using eggs to make is an omelette.

At first the idea of whisking the egg just right and folding it over perfectly intimidated me, but I quickly learned that so long as the right ingredients are in the omelette, my family could care less if the omelette looks picture-perfect.

How to make an omelette

  • To make an omelette for one person you simply whisk together two eggs with a tbsp. or two of milk (I use skim, but it doesn’t matter what kind), and add a dash of salt and pepper.
  • In a preheated lightly greased skillet pour in the whisked egg and move the pan around so that the egg is evenly distributed into a circle.
  • Next add your favourite finely chopped or shredded ingredients to half of the circle. Some of my family favourites are green or red pepper, onion, mushroom, spinach and ham. Then add some freshly grated cheese. If you want to be really adventurous, you can try sprinkling some flax-seed on top of the veggies, before adding the cheese – flax seed is a great source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It’s time to flip the one half of the omelette on top of the ingredients when the egg is cooked along the edges and almost cooked toward the middle.
  • Cook until all the cheese is melted. Slide the omelette onto a plate and serve!
  • Again, don’t worry if your omelette is not a perfect half circle  – mine rarely are, especially since I try to jam as many healthy ingredients in them as I can!

So, the next time you can’t think of anything for supper, but have eggs and various vegetables sitting in your fridge, there is an upside! You can make can basic omelette and regardless of what is in it, I bet it will taste great!

Tracy (Redefined)
Tracy (Redefined)http://www.VirtualOfficeResources.ca
In addition to being a freelance writer and blogger, Tracy is a virtual assistant specializing in marketing and communication at VirtualOfficeResources.ca. She is also a devoted mother to an imaginative daughter and wife to her best friend of more than fifteen years. In her spare time she enjoys baking, kayaking, snowshoeing, walking her energetic Australian Shepherd, and cuddling with her perpetually grumpy cat. Depending on the time of day, Tracy's downtime is spent with a good book and hot cup of fair trade coffee or a glass of Canadian red wine.

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  1. I love breakfast for supper and my kids favorite is scrambled egg night! My omelettes never look like omelettes really either, so that is why they always end up as scrambled eggs 🙂

  2. I love Breakfast for Dinner. Anytime I try to make an omelette I ruin it. It falls apart or I burn one side, lol. My Husband makes them really good because uears ago he was a short order cook at Denny’s. I’m going to try this. I need to show him up, lol.

  3. Breakfast for supper is always a delight at my home. Pancakes and omelets are the biggest request. We all love breakfast items but there is never enough time to make it in the morning. So having it for supper makes sense.

  4. I have been eating breakfast for supper all my life. You can put ANYTHING you want in or with eggs and that makes them good to eat anytime of day or night,

  5. The first Friday of every month we serve fried food for super a special treat I call it…
    Fried eggs
    Fried toutons
    Fried bacon
    lol I live for that day..all my favorites


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