5 Useful Camping Hacks       

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5 Useful Camping Hacks   

campsite with tents

5 Useful Camping Hacks       

Are you planning a family camping trip? Great! Spending time together, in the company of Mother Nature, is a wonderful way to relax and have fun. Keep reading, to learn about five useful camping hacks that will probably surprise you.

            Water-Proof Match Holder

Wet matches typically mean the difference between a yummy campfire-prepared meal and eating bologna sandwiches. Make a simple water-proof match holder out of a Mason jar and sandpaper. Place the jar lid on the sandpaper. Trace around it, cut out the circle and hot glue it to the bottom side of the lid. Fill the jar with matches and you’re good to go.

            Emergency Medicine Cabinet

You never know when someone might get an allergic reaction or need a remedy for common ailments like heartburn or diarrhea. Make a mini medicine cabinet out of an inexpensive plastic pill container. Fill each section with over the counter medications. Essentially, whatever you think your family might need.

            Kitchen Organization

Keep your camp kitchen totally organized with a cheap see-through plastic shoe organizer. Use it to store all kinds of cooking utensils and food prep supplies. Hang it somewhere within easy reach, to keep bugs at bay.

            Light-Up Cooler

A super-simple way to keep track of what’s in your cooler, once the sun goes down, is to add several small glow sticks in with the contents. Seriously, how much easier does it get?

            Tent Floor Comfort

Purchase enough large interlocking foam floor tiles to cover the floor of your tent. Not only does this make it easier on bare feet, it also makes sleeping a lot more comfortable. Save money by looking for the tiles at yard sales or on eBay.

These are just five of hundreds of useful camping hacks to consider, during your next outdoor adventure.

The question is this… which one of these great tips are you going to try first?


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  1. marthalynn says:

    Thank you! These are exactly the tips I need as I prepare to take our family hiking. We’ve been out of practice for quite a while. I’m excited to get back out there!

  2. cbrazil says:

    The glow sticks in the cooler are a perfect idea!! We will make great use of this list over the Canada Day long weekend – thanks. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    What great ideas, I’d use the Kitchen Organiser, first simple but brilliant! Another one that I read somewhere is to use pool noodles on the tent ropes to make them more visible so less accidents happen.

  4. Brenda A says:

    Menu plan is essential. To make things easy if we are on a long trip we sometimes cheat a little and buy a pizza before we leave and eat it is as our first dinner! That way the other meat that we have frozen in the cooler can continue to act as “ice” to keep the other items colder for longer.

  5. LisaM says:

    Ohhh I love the idea for the foam floor. I always wake up with a sore back.

  6. Tania B says:

    Okay – glow sticks in the cooler? I could have used that a time or two before! That is so smart!

  7. Kristi says:

    A light up cooler would be great! I never would’ve thought of that but it really would help out.

  8. heidi c. says:

    My husband loves camping but he is the kind of camper who takes a pack and a knife and heads off into the wilderness. So, this non-camper is always looking for tips to be a more prepared one!

  9. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I love the Emergency Medicine Cabinet idea. You never know!

  10. Jonnie says:

    I love the glow stick idea! So simple but I never thought of it before.

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m excited to be going camping for the first time in about 50 yrs. I’m going with my daughter and family over August long. 🙂

  12. loriag says:

    Wow, interlocking foam floor tiles to cover the floor of your tent, I never would have thought of that and it is a great hack. Thanks for sharing that idea.

  13. kathy downey says:

    These certainly are great tips,love the foam tiles!

  14. kathy downey says:

    Love the glow sticks in the cooler

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