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12 Ocean Crafts And Activities For Kids

If you’re looking for ocean crafts and activities to capture your child’s interest, the round up below is definitely a great place to start!

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The ocean is such a magical place. Explaining to your child that over 80% of our oceans remain unexplored can be mind blowing for them. Put that in perspective by showing them how much of their room is the amount of ocean that’s been explored. It’s a subject that many children find fascinating. And why not? It’s a realm that continues to astound the world’s greatest scientists.

Ocean Creatures

Our oceans are filled with creatures that children love. Dolphins, stingrays, sharks, fish, octopi, and the beloved narwhal all call the ocean home. What child isn’t going to be wowed by the narwhal? It’s the unicorn of the sea and it’s believed that narwhal horns are tied to the legends of unicorns. It’s the stuff of fantasy that children long for, yet it holds a bit of truth. The narwhal is certainly a majestic creature.

Fun Ocean Crafts And Activities For The Family

If your child loves the ocean, they will love these crafts. It might be creating a shark puppet, ocean slime, Nail Polish Dipped Marbled Seashell Decor, or even an ocean diorama. There are so many fun crafts to choose from. You can also use these crafts as a learning experience and teach your child about the different creatures found in the ocean.

Educational Crafts And Activities

Remember, educational stuff doesn’t have to be boring for your child. You can use fun crafts to teach your child about different subjects. Crafts are also a great way to continue to explore a subject that your child finds interesting. Whether it’s the ocean, dinosaurs, or even robots, you can find crafts that will be fun and educational for your child.

12 Ocean Crafts And Activities For KidsPin

12 Ocean Crafts and Activities for Kids

Is your child currently fascinated with ocean life? Try some of these crafts. There are several great ones to choose from.

  1. Easy Egg Carton Oysters 
  2. Paper Plate Seashells 
  3. Mini Ocean Discovery Jars 
  4. Crystallized Seashells Science Experiment 
  5. Beach in a Jar Keepsake  
  6. Under the Sea Suncatchers 
  7. Watercolor Ocean Art 
  8. Under the Sea Slime 
  9. Calming Ocean Tubes  
  10. Cupcake Liner Fish  
  11. Jellyfish Discovery Bottle 
  12. Pool Noodle Sharks 
12 Ocean Crafts And Activities For KidsPin

I hope you enjoyed my 12 Ocean Crafts and Activities for Kids as much as I did! Also, check out all of our crafts!

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  1. There’s great ideas here, I remember when I was a kid being obsessed with killer whales and doing art projects about them


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