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5 Reasons Fall Camping Is Better

There are so many great reasons to go camping in the fall, if it’s your first time, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it before. The cooler temperatures can put people off fall camping, but if you love the colours of fall foliage, hot beverages, camping food, the smell of wet leaves after the rain and burning campfires, fall camping is for you.

What To Bring On A Cold Fall Camping Trip

Those who truly love camping will camp during any time of the year, even when the weather turns bitter cold like in the fall. Although camping when it is cold does not seem like it would be any fun, you can make it bearable by bringing the right gear to protect you from the harsh weather.

Think Blankets

Bring as many thick blankets as you possibly can. Try to keep the number as low as you can, but make sure that the blankets are going to keep you warm. Cotton and rayon linen will be cool when the air temperature is cool, so try bringing a few fleece throws or even a large down-filled blanket. Feathers will keep you warm, and you can see this fact in action whenever you see ducks or any feathered friend swimming in an ice cold lake or river.

What Type of Jackets Should You Wear At A Fall Camping

Wear thick jackets that are insulated to keep you warm at even below zero temperatures. Most of these jackets will be filled with down feathers, but some will be filled with other insulating materials that will probably keep you just as warm.

Make sure that the exterior fabric of the jacket will not absorb water. This is important because if it starts to rain or snow, you don’t want your jacket to absorb any of the water or snow that falls on you. The jacket should also have hood to keep your head warm (which is just as important as any part of your body).

Wear more than one layer underneath your jacket. Two or three layers is enough. You do not want to wear too many layers because you still want your sweat to be removed effectively. Make sure that your layers are also warm. Fleece and pure cotton sweaters are just fine.

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Why Is Fall Camping Better?

The following tips will show you the reasons why fall camping is so much better!

1. Fewer Campers

There are fewer crowds at popular campgrounds in the fall. After Labor Day, school is back in and the kids are busy with homework and weekend activities, so fewer families will be out on campgrounds. You have more sites to choose from and more space to relax and explore.

2. More Wildlife

Another advantage to going during the fall when there are fewer campers is more wildlife. If you’re keen on wildlife watching, bring a camera with you to make the most of your trip. In the fall, many different animals are migrating, looking for a place to hibernate, and scavenging the last of the food for a long winter. As the leaves thin out, they’ll be easier to spot. Don’t forget to look to the skies for migrating birds as they head for the south.

Earlier in the fall you’re likely to see songbirds like warblers, thrushes, and shorebirds. Come October, sparrows, kinglets, wrens, and hermit thrushes are to be seen. By November, it’s mostly waterfowl you’ll see in the skies, as well as blackbirds.

3. No Bugs

Bugs can drive you up the wall in the summer. Early in the summer, black flies and mosquitoes can eat you alive. Deer and horse flies come out in July and August, while come September, the bugs start to die down. By October and November, you can enjoy completely bug-free camping, and that’s a rare treat.

5 Reasons Fall Camping Is BetterPin
5 Reasons Fall Camping Is Better

4. It’s a Great Time to Bring a Spooky Book

With night coming earlier and rain likely to be in the forecast for at least part of the day, it pays to bring a book. When the leaves are turning colour or falling off the trees, get in the spirit of the season with a spooky book, preferably one that ventures deep into the woods.

5. It’s Easy to Stay Warm

If you’ve always wanted to go camping in the fall but you’re worried about the temperature, you just need to prepare. One way to keep your feet warm this fall on a camping trip is with thermal socks. Thermal socks trap in heat and wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry and warm, even on damp, cold days. With a TOG rating 7 times warmer than basic cotton socks, Heat Holders thermal socks are worth considering for your fall trip.

Don’t just stop at thermal socks, either. Bring a thermal blanket and even thermal underwear to make sure you stay warm and cozy through your trip. One place you can get all your thermal wear needs covered is Heat Holders.

Keep a fire going at all times. Not only will this help you keep warm, but you can also easily cook your food. A fire may be difficult to build when the weather is cold, especially if you want to use local brush/twigs as tinder. So, make sure to bring your own dry twigs or tinder to help you make a fire.

With all these reasons to go camping in the fall, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Fall camping could be so beautiful especially if the temperature is not too cold. We have been experiencing beautiful temperature this week.

  2. These are great reasons. I especially like the fact that it’s quieter and more peaceful in the fall for camping. I need to do it in the future!


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