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12 Campfire Camping Recipes

If you’ve ever had any type of food cooked over the open campfire, then you know that there is nothing like it. The flavour, the smokiness, the ooey gooey centre of those s’mores…all irresistible and delicious. Once you’ve gone camping one time and tried food that has been cooked over the campfire, you are certain to be hooked. If you love everything campfire cooked, here are 12 amazing Campfire Camping Recipes that you have to try!


Campfire Camping RecipesPin
Campfire Camping Recipes


Campfire Camping Recipes


  1. Campfire Popcorn.  If you love popcorn, you will love it even more over the fire.  Imagine snuggling up near the fire and snacking on those crunchy popped kernels.  Sounds perfect to me!
  2. Campfire Stew.  Looking for a hearty stew that you can eat from a bowl surrounded by the warmth of your campfire?  This is the stew recipe that you’ve been searching for!
  3. Cast Iron Skillet Cookie Recipe.  Who says that s’mores are the only sweets that you can cook over the open fire?  This recipe is sure to be a family favorite!
  4. Campfire Cones.  A super, fun twist on a recipe to make s’more a bit less messy.  But still delicious!
  5. Grilled Pineapple.  A fresh, fun flavorful way to eat pineapple that is sure to hit all your taste buds.
  6. One Skillet Sausage and Egg Breakfast Hash.  Looking for a hearty and super simple breakfast that fuels your body for a day of enjoying nature?  This is the recipe for you!
  7. Mason Jar Boozy Tropical Fruit Salad.  While this recipe isn’t necessarily cooked over the campfire, it is one that can be made and enjoyed easily while you are sitting and talking around the campfire!
  8. Grilled Orange Beef Kabobs.  Who can resist cooking kabobs over the open fire?  Talk about a super simple, healthy and fun option for your campfire dinner!
  9. Campfire Skillet Apples.  This sweet treat is a great way to wind down after a long day of enjoying the beauty of mother nature.
  10. Grilled Marinated Onion Slices.  Perfect on their own or paired up with another side dish.  Full of flavor and super simple to prepare!
  11. Campfire Garlic Butter Grilled Corn.  Make your meal complete with this grilled corn recipe.  The flavor of grilled corn can’t be beaten!
  12. Potatoes on the Grill.  Talk about a fun food that packs a punch when camping.  Super hearty and full of smoky goodness, this recipe is a must for your camping adventure!


Campfire Camping RecipesPin
Campfire Camping Recipes


With these 12 recipe options for great campfire food, you won’t have any problems creating some delicious and awesome camping dishes for all to enjoy!  Have fun spending time with family and friends while sitting around the campfire enjoying some delicious food!

I hope you enjoyed my list of 12 Campfire Camping Recipes. My family has loved making a few of these. If you make any of these, share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Let us know in the comments below which one of these summertime treats is your favourite.


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  1. Awesome recipes – thank you! I love camping so much and one of my favourite things about it is the food 🙂 I’m gonna incorporate a few of these recipes into our camping trip!

  2. I love cooking over a fire . Can’t say I’ve ever made breakfast on a campfire though . Will have to try it next time .

  3. Thanks for the list of campfire recipes; I have a few camping weekends coming up and look forward to trying a few of these out!


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