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Six Reasons Calypso Waterpark Is the Perfect Date Destination for Adults

Not long ago I wrote about family fun at Calypso Waterpark, but this time I am going to explain 6 reasons Calypso Waterpark Is the Perfect Date Destination for Adults! It’s the perfect summer date day destination for adults (also known as, the big kids).

Summit TowerPin
Summit Tower

My family hadn’t even left the Calypso parking lot when my husband exclaimed that he would return to Calypso in a heartbeat. We both agreed that Calypso would make a fun adults-only date destination and here are six reasons why:

1) VIP Cabanas

As I briefly explained in my previous post, Calypso offers VIP Cabanas that not only offer exquisite views of the park, but are also private, comfortably furnished and have free Wi-Fi (for the social media lovers in all of us). But what makes a VIP Cabana appealing for adults is access to the VIP Bar! For $99 a day during the low season and $119 during the high season, you have a home base where you and your loved one (and a couple of adult friends, if you feel like sharing) can relax, soak up the sun or get some shade, rest and enjoy some cocktails!

2) Hawaiian Beach Bar

If you have ever been to an all-inclusive resort then Calypso’s Hawaiian Beach Bar will take you right back. Located next to two restaurants, the festive ambiance of this bar features unique Calypso cocktails that will leave you thirsty for more.

Beach Bar Pin

3) Adrenaline

Let’s talk about the waterslides! If you or your date like fast waterslides then the Adrenaline waterslide is the perfect slide! Riders are guaranteed to reach maximum speed on this twisty, enclosed slide. This slide is not for the faint of heart (or the very young) and is perfect to test how daring your loved one really is!

4) Black Hole

If you and your date aren’t necessarily looking for top speeds, but want to try something different then I suggest safely cozying on up together and sliding into darkness in the Black Hole waterslide.

5) AquaLoops

Many young kids watch the big kids riding the AquaLoop slides with complete awe and I guarantee that you will too once you see your date do it! Riders start in an enclosed cabin with a trap door. At the signal, the floor opens from under their feet and you drop down into a roller-coaster like ride with a 2.5G loop! These slides are exclusive to Canada and I think they make the perfect “how brave are you?” test for any date! Everyone finishes AquaLoop with a smile – it looks like the thrill of your life (and who doesn’t want that while on a date?).


6) Slide Together

Slides such as Turbulence, Acid Test and Steamer are meant to be done as a twosome and make for perfect date day waterslides! There are so many slides that you can do together that Calypso is the perfect place to make the most out of summer while you bond, smile and make some memories with your loved one that will last a lifetime!


If you’re not sure that Calypso Waterpark is the perfect date destination for you and your loved one I encourage you to visit their website and read about all they have to offer as well as watch the videos about the waterslides located on their description pages. I guarantee a fun date day is just waiting to happen at Calypso – why not make it yours!

For information on hours and rates, visit the Calypso website or on their social media channels:


Disclosure: I received free park passes and compensation for the purpose of this blog post.

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  1. This is definitely not my type of water-park. Good heavens those water-slides look like a death trap to me! I don’t like the sensation of not having control so I’m afraid I’d have to skip this part.


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