Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids

We all know that crafts are a great way to keep kids busy when they’re stuck indoors. Whether you’re a mother, or even a teacher, it pays to have several craft ideas up your sleeve. Crafts inspire creativity, spark the imagination, and – probably best of all – keep kids quiet. You can even save yourself some time by putting together a few homemade craft kits. This Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids is easy to make and if you look around our site here, you’ll find a bunch of easy crafts for kids of all ages. Keep your craft kits in a box and choose a different one each time you need to keep the kids busy. They’ll think it’s fun to choose a new craft from the box. The key is to only open the box when the kids are stuck indoors. This makes the box special.


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids


This smiley butterfly craft is so much fun. Best of all, you can find everything you need for this craft for affordable prices. You may even already have the supplies in your children’s craft stash. Let your kids be creative with this craft. If they want black and pink butterflies or purple and green, why not? Let them live out their dreams and escape reality for a while. Too soon they will be grown and no longer interested in cotton-candy coloured butterflies.

If you need crafts for small kids, this is a great one. It’s not only fun, but so easy for them to make. If you have really small kids, you can cut out the shapes and let them choose the colours and do the gluing. If you want to take things one step further, consider attaching fishing line to the back and hanging the butterflies in front of a window. You could also let the kids adds some glitter so that the butterflies really shine when the sun hits them.

Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids

List of Supplies

1. Colored craft paper

2. Pencil

3. Scissors

4. Craft glue

5. Black gel pen

6. Pink Sharpie

7. Template


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids


Instructions / Making Process:

Step (1)


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids Step 1


Print and cut out the patterns from the template. Place the cut out patterns on the selected coloured craft papers and trace around the sides. Use scissors to cut out the traced patterns nicely. The template includes – 1 body pattern with wings, 2 small strips (antenna), 1 oval pattern (to create the smiley face of the butterfly), 2 teardrop patterns and 2 circle patterns for wing decoration. You can create your own patterns for decorating the wings or simply print, cut out and use the template given with the tutorial.

Step (2)


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids Step 2


Attach the two teardrop patterns on the top side of the wings and the two circle patterns on the bottom side of the wings.

Step (3)


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids Step 3


Take the oval pattern and draw the smiley face using black gel pen. Use pink sharpie to create two blush patterns on both cheeks of the butterfly smiley face. You can add more or less details as you wish.

Step (4)


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids Step 4


Attach the smiley oval pattern right on the middle of the wing pattern.

Step (5)


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids Step 5


Finally, attach the two small strips (these will be the antennas) at the back side of the top end of the smiley oval pattern.

Mix and match different coloured papers and draw different smiley faces for variation.


Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids
Smiley Butterfly Craft for Kids


You can use these smiley butterflies for tons of other crafts!



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  1. This is a great craft project for kids and they will have fun making them and be happy with the results


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