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Winter Care Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until your nose becomes congested, your lips are chapping, and your skin is unbearably dry. With the beauty that comes with the holiday season, winter woes may ensue; however, fear not, as these helpful tips will ensure you get the most out of the holidays without a box of tissues at your side! Taking care of yourself this winter will keep you on the very top of Santa’s Nice list!


1. Don’t forget to moisturize

  • From skating to snow shoeing and snowy walks, winter is full of fun activities. However, we all know the cold can take a toll on our skin. In the harsh winter months, you should be paying more attention to your skincare routine.
  • Try exfoliating more, limiting hot water and using a moisturizer. Dermal therapy® body lotion is one option to help relieve dry, cracked, and itchy skin. With alpha hydroxy acids, it helps to replace old dry skin to reveal new skin and will help keep your skin smooth during the winter.

2. Stay on top of dry lips

  • Exfoliate your lips twice a week to help prevent chapping. Before you go to bed, make sure you apply a thick lip balm to bring back some of the moisture you may have lost during the day.

3. Fight congestion

  • A stuffy nose and cold weather go hand-in-hand, and this can dampen your day. Sleeping with an extra pillow to elevate your head, using a humidifier and taking hot steamy showers can help clear your congestion. You can also try a nasal spray like hydraSense®Medium Stream. hydraSense is made from 100 per cent naturally- sourced seawater and helps to flush out excess mucus to relieve nasal congestion. Free your nose this winter!
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4. Combat dry eyes

  • Cold winds and dry indoor heating are a recipe for eye discomfort. Make sure to give your eyes breaks during the day by looking away from your electronics or wearing glasses instead of contacts. hydraSense®Advanced for Dry Eyes is one option for effective, long-lasting relief for your irritated eyes. It is preservative free and contains a clinically proven naturally sourced lubricant.
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5. Stay hydrated

  • You may be great at staying on top of your water intake during the summer because of the heat, but it is just as important to stay hydrated during the winter. Don’t forget to carry around a water bottle and drink regularly throughout the day.

6. Get your rest

  • Less sunlight and the chaos of the holidays can often make you feel tired, so getting a good night’s sleep to restore your energy is especially important during this time of year. Try your best to stick to a consistent sleep schedule. If you have a hard time getting to sleep, try a relaxing night time routine, such as reading a book or gentle stretches.

With fun outdoor activities, and the holidays, the winter is an exciting time of year! Don’t let the harsh weather hold you back from doing what you love!

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Winter Care Bayer

What are some of your best winter care tips? Share below!

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  1. Lots of great tips, I need to moisturize more my skin is so dry, and start putting stuff on my lips as well, woke up this morning with a crack, ouch!

  2. My best tip is to use a moisturizer all year round with SPF in it for my lips and skin. My skin needs good quality products to hydrate it and hold the moisture.

  3. I am so happy Spring is finally here! I battle with dry skin/lips and also low mood in the winter months. These are good tips 🙂


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