Tips for a Healthy Superhero Dad Lifestyle

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When it comes to being a kid at heart, nobody does it better than Dads! They’re always fun, always willing to be ridiculous, and the best to play around with! Their big hearts ensure that they’ll always be there to take care of you when you need them most, and their strong arms give the best and tightest bear hugs you’ll ever experience. In the eyes of their kids, they’re superheroes, but there comes a time where even superheroes need a little help and some good old TLC! If your Dad is anything like mine, we may not be able to change some of their old habits (hello, stubbornness!); however, this Father’s Day, consider having an honest conversation about healthy habits. Living a happy, healthy life will be a gift your father will cherish for the years to come! You will find below Tips for a Healthy Superhero Dad Lifestyle!

Tips for a Healthy Superhero Dad Lifestyle
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Tips for a Healthy Superhero Lifestyle!

Greens over Fatty Foods!

  • My Dad loves, and when I say loves, I do say loves, a good big glass of cola with his meals (especially with pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs!). And while it’s okay to eat those every now and again, shunning away anything that isn’t meat, fat, sugary, or carbs isn’t a healthy long-term lifestyle choice. With summer finally arriving, there are plenty of beautiful seasonal produce available throughout the season to green up his meals! Suggest a few new recipes, try to get him to grill veggies on the good BBQ with his steaks, or incorporate veggies into his meals without him knowing you used vegetables to begin with! This GRILLED VEGGIE recipe for the BBQ is a must-try!

Get Active!

  • Does your Dad love sports as much as mine? Perfect! Consider trying to coax him into participating in recreational sport leagues, depending on the season, for his age group! If that isn’t his cup of tea, nothing is better than getting active together! Offer a daily walk around the neighbourhood if you live in the same area. If distance prohibits, turn it into an online competition to see who can rank the most steps in a day, or who can achieve 10 000 steps first! Initially, the task might seem horrendously tedious and demanding, but they’ll be grateful for it in the long run. Consistent exercise and activity can help you maintain your strength and agility, while also improving vitality and sleep, and can even help diminish chronic pain – truly a win-win! Remember to start slow to avoid injury and build up endurance over time!

Address pain before it slows Dad down!

  • Don’t let Dad’s back aches or muscular pains get in the way of your family activities! If they are preventing your Dad from enjoying the most of his day, suggest for him to talk to his pharmacist about ALEVE® to manage his pain. ALEVE® is clinically proven to last for up to 12 hours with 1 caplet or gel capsule and provides fast and effective pain relief such as arthritis pain, inflammation, joint and body pain, muscular aches, backache, headaches, and migraines. In addition, with the easy-open arthritis cap, he’ll get that relief even faster!

Have the Difficult Talk

  • Considering I’m a very recent Nursing School graduate, I’ve certainly had this talk with my Dad before. It’s nothing to be intimidated by! In fact, the more he knows about it and the more aware he becomes about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, the more likely he’ll be able to recognize them and what to do if he may someday suffer from one. First, he should call 911 immediately, then chew or crush two ASPIRIN®81mg tablets. Having this talk and being prepared could save his life!
Tips for a Healthy Superhero Dad Lifestyle

How will you and your Dad be celebrating this upcoming Father’s Day?

Christelle, but please call me Chrisi. Cinnamon hot chocolate connoisseur. Honorary Princess. Registered Nurse and aspiring writer to be.

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  1. My dad turns 66 today and with heart problems in our family, we always have Aspirin on hand. For farther’s day, we plan on having a barbecue.

  2. My father passed away over 40 yrs ago and I still to this day miss him. He was a wonderful guy and made us laugh every day. These are good tips, I find that men don’t take as much care of their health as women try to.
    I always have ASPIRIN®81mg tablets close at hand just in case. It appears that I’ve had a heart attack without knowing it and so would like to mention that in women the signs are different. With me, it’s assumed that it was when I had ‘indigestion’ so beware.

    • Thanks for the tips! Yes, it’s true women’s signs are totally different and can include indigestion symptoms and lower back pain.

  3. Due to health problems, including my heart, I am now going to have my 4th, yes fourth sleep test! Can you believe it, I failed the first three. Hopefully it works this time or it’s off to a sleep clinic with me.

  4. Great tips! I know my dad is very set in his ways and it’s hard to get him to change but talking about things at least gets him thinking about it.

  5. Good advice for all family members! It’s good to be reminded though. I especially like the sleep part of being healthy!

  6. It really is important to get those veggies into our men, I make a conscious effort to do it. For Father’s Day we had a great healthy meal together.


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