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What Is Diamond Painting? A Guide to Your New Favourite Hobby

Diamond painting is one of the most popular crafts for people of all ages. It started in 2015 and has grown quickly because it is so relaxing and fun. Diamond painting is a form of mosaic art, where you take small, sparkly resins and affix them to a canvas that has a pattern on it. When you finish, you have a beautiful work of art that is sparkly and can hang on your wall.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a form of mosaic art. It is similar to cross-stitching or paint-by-numbers, and anyone can learn how to do it. You can “diamond paint” by yourself to unwind, or you can do it as an activity with the whole family. You literally stick little diamond-like gems, technically called resins, onto the canvas, and you end up with a beautiful, sparkling work of art.

The canvas has a design preprinted on it, and each square has a symbol. The symbols all correspond to the colours of the resins. You use a tool to stick the resins onto the canvas, and it is very easy and fun. You continue working on it until it is finished, and then you can frame it and give it to someone as a gift or hang it on your wall. The end result is truly a masterpiece, and it is rewarding to see the product of your work on the wall.

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How Do You Get Started?

One of the great things about diamond painting is that it is very easy to get started. You can buy a diamond painting kit, which has everything you need to be included. It will come with a diamond painting tool, a tray for your diamonds, tweezers, wax, and storage bags for the resins.

The diamond tool is what you use to pick up and affix the resins to the canvas. The wax will help to keep the diamond in place on the tool, and you can use the tray for the colour you are working with first. The tweezers are useful for straightening out the diamonds on the canvas or picking them up from the tray.

There are 447 colours of diamonds, but your kit will come with everything you need. Kits that use more colours will be more involved, but they will also show more detail when they are finished.

Who Should You Try Diamond Painting?

The great thing about diamond painting is that anyone can learn how to diamond paint. Children love diamond painting and can be a lot of fun for them to work on together as a team. Adults also love diamond painting. You can always get a large magnifying glass to help if someone has trouble seeing details. You can do a diamond painting together as a family, or you can each have your own individual kit. No matter how you do it, everyone will enjoy making these lovely paintings.

Different Kinds of Diamonds: 5D and 3D

There are two different kinds of diamonds that you can choose from 3D and 5D. The real difference is how the painting looks when you finish. Three-dimensional diamonds have three facets, while 5D diamonds have five. The 3D is a more basic style, and the 5D really sparkles when you finish.

Full Versus Partial Diamond Painting

When you choose a diamond painting kit, you can select a full or partial drill. The difference between them is that full drill styles cover the entire canvas, while partial drill only covers a portion of the picture. You will have a printed canvas, and you affix the diamond resins in certain areas. The full drill styles take longer to complete, but they are amazing and sparkly. Both types look great, and it is really a matter of personal preference.

Square Versus Round Diamonds

Another choice you have is whether your diamonds are square or round. This is going to determine the outside shape of the diamonds. In addition to square and round, there are special shapes as well, so you have choices.

Square diamonds give you a complete look without any gaps between the diamonds. They are easier to place because they fit one next to the other, but they require more effort to get perfectly straight lines. The round drill diamonds are easier to pick up and apply. They stick to the diamond tool or pen well, and the art looks great when you are finished. However, there are small gaps between the diamonds, which you can see when you look closely at the painting.

What Is Diamond Painting? A Guide to Your New Favourite HobbyPin

Final Words

Diamond painting may have only been around for five years, but it is quickly taking over as the most popular craft. People of all ages love to diamond paint. You will love it once you give it a try.

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  1. I have a friend who does diamond painting and she loves it. I haven’t tried it yet but just don’t know if I have the patience for it.

  2. I would love to this! And thanks to you I know a lot more about it. I have problems with my hands and I think this would not work for me but would love to do it


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