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Springing into Healthy Habits For Moms!

With the sun finally making its overdue appearance and the frigid cold temperatures behind us, it’s safe to say that Spring is finally here! It’s the perfect opportunity to start springing into healthy habits to incorporate in your daily self-care routine. There’s no need for it to be January to consider improving your health! Change can happen any day, and it starts with you!

Springing into Healthy Habits!

Springing into Healthy Habits!Pin
Woman in white dress standing outside barefoot in a garden filled with tulips, holding a bag containing flowers.

Here are a few personal healthy habits I plan on keeping up with this spring that you can also consider:

1. Take time to meditate!

  • As daunting a task as it might seem, it truly only does take a few minutes a day to practice meditation and focus your mind, so long as you make the time for it and don’t procrastinate! I’ve personally been researching into meditation myself as of late, and I’ve learned that it’s as simple as sitting down anywhere (no need for fancy cushions!), focusing on your breathing, and letting go of the crazy world we live in. It might seem impossible at first, but this is why there are many kinds of meditation and apps you can use to get started! Meditation can help centre you before the day begins, or after a long day. If you’re motivated, don’t give up and keep at it! 

2. It’s not summer, but there’s still sun!

  • We often think of sunscreen on hot summer days before we hit the beach or pool, but we don’t consider it enough year-round! We sometimes shy away from applying sunscreen daily because it can take long to absorb, or leaves an unwanted residue. That’s why Coppertone® has developed ClearlySheer Whipped and WaterBabies Whipped. Both absorb quickly, leave skin hydrated, smooth, and soft, and provide SPF 50 protection from UVA/UVB rays so you and your family can stay protected all year round.
Springing into Healthy Habits!Pin
Coppertone® ClearlySheer Whipped and WaterBabies Whipped bottles surrounded by some flowers.

3. Take advantage of the outdoors!

  • As it gets nicer outside, it tends to become easier to keep (or restart) your New Year’s resolution to be more active. Working out does not always have to be in a gym or be strenuous activity. Walk around your neighbourhood, catch the blooming cherry blossoms or go on a hike.

4. Pay attention to your body!

  • Life is so hectic, and we often ignore obvious symptoms of our body telling us something is off. Many ailments can be treated early and at home so when your body is trying to tell you something, listen up! A common example for women is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). BV affects so many women, but it’s easy to ignore symptoms like abnormal discharge or an unpleasant odour when life gets busy. CanesBalance® is an easy and effective at-home treatment that can relieve unwanted symptoms and prevent future recurrences.
Springing into Healthy Habits!Pin
CanesBalance® box on a bed.

5. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the hobbies you enjoy doing most!

  • Taking time for yourself can seem impossible when there’s just so much that needs doing! Chores, errands, spring cleaning, spring shopping, and the list never really ends! As hectic as life can get, make sure to take some time for yourself in there too! If you love painting, set yourself a weekly time slot to paint with no interruptions! The same can apply for any hobby, such as reading, taking a treat-yourself bath, taking care of your feet like getting a pedicure, going to the spa, going to the movies, and so on. Taking time to focus on yourself will ensure that, in turn, you feel relaxed and refreshed to take on anything!
Springing into Healthy Habits!Pin
Springing into Healthy Habits

Spring has sprung, and I hope you’ll join me in adopting new healthy habits as the weather warms and days get longer!

Which healthy habit would you like to add to your routine this spring?
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  1. I’m definitely trying, soon I’ll be going on vacation and then I’ll eat what my realtives put in front of me but in smaller portions.

  2. I will be paying for Pay attention to my body. I already starting walking daily. Now I have to work on cutting out the snacking at night.

  3. I know it’s spring but I want summer and you said to pay attention to my body but it’s only saying “I want summer”. Sorry, but i been a long freaking winter and I want summer. Did I mention that ? I feel like a sulking child !


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