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Helpful Hints to Make Walking Easier and Fun!

We are in the full swing of spring, and that means that I can get back to getting some of my exercise done outdoors again. Now that my toddlers are older, I can take them along with me to get them outside and active as well. One of the activities I like to do to keep myself fit is walking. I love it! It is simple, I have all the equipment I need at home, and I can do it alone, or with my family! Whether alone or as part of a group, I like to get in at least 30 minutes of walking a day most days of the week to improve my body, mental health, and spirit.

I am so excited about being asked to write an article on the Life Brand website along with other bloggers! This website is a place where people can find great health tips to become healthy and help to keep this goal no matter what stage of your life you may be experiencing!

Tips to Make Walking Easier and Fun

Here are a few walking tips I use while I walk myself fit to make this workout fun and safe:

1. Layering my clothing

People react differently to running. Some like wearing more clothing than others while running in case the weather may change while you working out in the elements. This is why it is a good idea to wear layers when you go out for a walk. I like wearing a t-shirt or tank top with a pair of running pants or shorts. If the weather seems a bit unpredictable, I will also carry a shell or a light sweater with me to help keep the unexpected cold or rain off of me while I workout. I also like to carry a bottle of water to keep hydrated while walking.

2. Warm up first, cool down afterwards

Before starting my walk, I like to do some warm up exercises to get my body ready for the workout ahead of it. I like to a series of stretches to warm up my muscles so my muscles will not be very sore after my walk, and to increase my heart rate. It only takes a few minutes, but it will benefit me after walking. I also like to do a bit of a cool down exercises after my walk to make the transition for my body from my walk back to a more stationary position an easier one.

3. Choose different routes to make walking more fun

Going for a walk is great, but taking the same route every time will make my walk seem like more of a chore than a fun activity. I like to take a few different routes when I go for my walks. There is always something new to see in a neighbourhood. From time to time, I like to take a longer way during my walk to see some of my favourite homes, or to see more scenic places to make the time go by faster and to make my walk more enjoyable. I am also lucky to live in a part of Ottawa where walking paths are at abundance, so they can add to my list of routes to take. Taking these routes also help my children become more familiar with the neighbourhood they live in, so they will be able to navigate their way around easier when they are older.

4. Protect your feet

Walking to keep fit is a wonderful workout to improve my physical, mental and emotional well-being, but there are times that my feet get the brunt of my workout. To prevent the development of blisters on my feet, I like to turn to Life Brand Anti-Blister Stick. When I apply it to my feet, it goes on clear, and it is non-greasy, so I do not have to wait for it to dry too long to get going with my workout. I also like that it prevents chafing, so that my feet do not feel raw or sore after going for a brisk walk.

These ideas are just some of the tips I use to walk myself fit! It is a great exercise that gets me away from my desk, and when I do this with my family, it allows for us to make fun discoveries and to make some great memories together.

Helpful Hints to Make Walking Easier and Fun!Pin
Helpful Hints to Make Walking Easier and Fun!

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This blog post was sponsored by Life Brand. The opinion I shared are my own.

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  1. I like going for walks, especially in the countryside. So far I’ve never warmed up before setting off but there again I do walk at a leisurely pace so perhaps I don’t need to. Thanks for some good pointers 🙂

  2. Great tips! I’m usually out walking with my girls so I don’t tend to be quite as prepared… I like the fact that we can walk to quite a few of their activities, like dance class or the park or the bank, so we stay active that way. Thanks for sharing!


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