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Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket Review From Montem

Montem makes gear to make your adventures easier and asked us if their Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket would allow us to snuggle up in comfort anywhere we take it. We were really excited to try it out!

Comfort. Isn’t this what we all strive for during our down time? Whether we are indoors or out, being cozy makes these mini getaway moments enjoyable.  One item that helps my family escape is a blanket. Once underneath it, it is like no other feeling in the world. It is nice to feel comfortable when unwinding from a busy day or when taking in the great outdoors. What is hard is to have a blanket that can be comfy indoors that can make being outside a cushy experience, too.

Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket Review From MontemPin
Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket in its carrying case on a couch with a pillow.

What makes this Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket so great?

There are so many features the Montem Sneaky Snuggler Blanket has to offer. Here are just a few of them:

  • Has a temperature rating of 40°F+
  • 3D hollow fiber synthetic insulation
  • Made of 20D ripstop nylon with DWR
  • Water resistant
  • Folds out to 54” by 80”
  • A nylon carrying case with a drawstring closure and handle 

These features allow for users to feel warm whether you are indoors or in the great outdoors, is durable and keep you dry in wet conditions, and is large enough for two people to snuggle under. This blanket would be perfect to take when you go camping, enjoying a concert, sitting at a picnic, and so much more! Finally, it rolls up into a much smaller version of itself (9” by 17”) and fits into its nylon carrying case. This makes it compact and easy to take on your adventures.

The chilly snuggle couch test

Out of everyone in my family, I was the most excited to try this blanket out. I am always in search of comfort when at home. No matter what the weather is like, I like to feel cozy and cocooned under a blanket. I could not wait to try it out!

Since we are already in the thick of the scorching days of summer, the air conditioning is working hard to keep us cool. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out the sneaky snuggler camping blanket when I feel, well, frigid in my home.

Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket Review From MontemPin
Woman under the Sneaky Snuggle Puffy Blanket on a couch.

I quickly unrolled my blanket, flicked it out of its rolled position, and wiggled my way underneath it in my favourite spot on the couch. It was hard to want to move out of this spot. My kids are also big snugglers, and could not wait to feel comfy under this blanket.

Snuggle Up in Comfort with MontemPin
Boy under the Sneaky Snuggle Puffy Blanket on a couch.

The outdoor comfort test

Taking the Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket outdoors is the ultimate test! One of our favourite things to do is to set up a picnic to lounge and munch on some yummy snacks while playing outside. What better opportunity to test my Montem camping blanket than to use it to enjoy a spread of food al fresco.

Family picnicking on the Sneaky Snuggle Puffy Blanket.Pin
Family picnicking on the Sneaky Snuggle Puffy Blanket.

All I have to say is that this blanket made snacking and relaxing while having fun in our backyard so much more comfortable. We usually eat around our table, but this blanket made the hard surface we were sitting on cushier and more inviting. I can’t wait to use this blanket to cushion our deck’s bench and our deck chair while we have fun outdoors.

A snuggly result

My family loves using our Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket all around our home. It is light and warm, cuddling us while we relax in our living room. This blanket is also great when taken outdoors. It is soft and cushiony, allowing us to lounge in comfort while we spend time together in our backyard. I can’t wait to take this blanket for our next movie night or on camping trips we will be taking this year. Our blanket from Montem lets is be comfortable wherever we go. We are so happy to have it!

Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket Review From MontemPin
Snuggle Up in Comfort with Montem

Curious what else Montem has to offer? We checked out their products Montem on their website and followed them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to be in touch with the latest from this company!

Disclaimer: I received products from Montem to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. We would take our Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket to a Theatre Under the Stars show; outdoor movies in our local parks; camping; and on road trips this summer. And we’d use it all year on the couch!

  2. I would take a Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket this summer out camping because in the mountains the nights can get a little chilly.

  3. I would take the Snuggle blanket to the lake down the road and have a picnic with my daughter. After swimming of course and we could lie in the sun to dry off before eating.

  4. We would take the Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket camping in the Yukon and Alaska. It’s already cool here (just 9 degrees this morning!) so this would be perfect for keeping warm by the fire or as a night-time blanket to stay warm and snug.


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