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15 Refreshing Slushies

Do you love drinking slushies? Why not make them at home? There are so many great flavours to choose from. Below, you’ll find 15 recipes for slushies that are sure to refresh you.

Summer is here and woo is it hot. While ice water is a great way to stay hydrated, what if you want something sweet? On a REALLY hot day, the thought of drinking a milkshake can almost turn your stomach. Thankfully, there are so many more options. One of the best options is making refreshing slushies. They can be found at a number of fast food restaurants and even convenient stores. The only problem is you often wonder how old those slushies are swirling around in those big machines and what’s in them. Make them yourself!

15 Refreshing Slushies RecipesPin
Refreshing Slushies Recipes

Easy slushie recipes

These slushies are great for making for you and your family after a day at the pool or beach. These are also great for barbecues. You can make up a huge batch just as easily as you make up a small one. If you’re making a batch for adults, you can also add a splash of your favourite alcohol to turn these into adult slushies.

You won’t believe all the flavours you can make and how easy slushies are to make. If you want something REALLY simple, consider pouring your favourite juice into ice cube trays and freezing. You can then add these ice cubes to a blender along with more juice. Try adding a different juice from the one you froze for a combination of flavours.

15 Refreshing Slushies

Whether you love fruity drinks or even coffee drinks, you can make a slushie that everyone in the family is going to love. Try playing around with flavours. You can use everything from Kool Aid to sports drinks to lemonade to make slushies. Use these recipes as a starting point for creating your own flavours.

15 Refreshing Slushies RecipesPin
Refreshing Slushies Recipes
  1. Triple Citrus Slushie
  2. Blue Raspberry Slushie Recipe
  3. Watermelon Key Lime Slushie
  4. Homemade Cherry Slushie
  5. Strawberry-Cantaloupe Slushies
  6. Jello Flavored Ice Cream Slush 
  7. Strawberry Lemonade Slushies
  8. Kool-Aid Lime Slushie Recipe
  9. Copycat Grape Nerds Slushie
  10. Raspberry Lemonade Slushie
  11. Ginger Mint Slushie
  12. Watermelon Slushie
  13. Pomegranate Pineapple Slushies
  14. Honeydew Lemon Slush
  15. Sonic Style Fruit Slushie

I hope you enjoyed our list of 15 Refreshing Slushies. With the temperature reaching record breaking stats, these are the perfect way to stay cool during the hot summer days. Let us know which one you liked the most below. If you make any of these, let us know by sharing with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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  1. my mouth literally dropped open looking at these slushies! They look so yummers and refreshing. I want to start off with that blue raspberry slushie first

  2. I have always loved slushies. The one good thing about my love for them is that I get a little done with the sugariness about half-way through and can put it away in the freezer to be finished later.

  3. Have never made slushies of any kind, great recipes of 15 different slushies to make. I would make a strawberry slushie with fresh strawberries, yum !


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