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5 Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period Cramps

If you’re one of those that dread that time of the month, and suffer from painful period cramps that literally make you unable to do anything for at least a couple of days, here’s some solid, actionable advice to make things better. While there may be several possible reasons for painful period cramps, there are some tricks that can help you reduce the pain to a good extent. Read on to know more!


5 Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period Cramps


5 Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period CrampsPin
5 Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period Cramps


1. Sip Chamomile Tea

A study conducted by a team of researchers at the Imperial College of London found how sipping on some German chamomile tea during your period can help reduce inflammation and muscle spasms which give rise to period pain and cramps. This can be a good remedy particularly for women who are used to having stimulants.

2. Ditch the Coffee

Well not completely, but at least when you’re on your period, avoid having coffee or at least reduce its consumption for a noticeable relief from the cramping. The caffeine present in most soft drinks and coffee tend to worsen the symptoms. Instead, sip on some herbal teas and focus on keeping your body hydrated.


5 Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period CrampsPin
Running shoes resting on dumb bells



Now this may sound counterintuitive but exercise really does have a positive impact in helping you regulate your menstrual cycle and reducing the pain considerably by releasing endorphins and stretching your muscles and tissues. It might take a lot of effort for you to exercise when you’re in pain, but try to get some light physical activity and keep yourself active, and you’ll see how it works wonders!

4. Banana Power

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and having them during your period can very effectively help you curb those cramps. You could also consider getting more of potassium rich foods in your diet such as white beans, lima beans, prunes, spinach etc.


5 Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period CrampsPin
Woman doing the Yoga Cobbler pose


5. Yoga Rules

Apart from being one of the best remedies for almost all health issues, yoga can help with period cramps too. Poses like the Cobbler’s pose can help reduce period pain almost instantly, and in general, practising yoga has many benefits for the different systems of your body, including the reproductive system.

Do you have any Secret Ways to Get Rid of Period Cramps? Comment below!


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  1. I remember always getting bad cramps from the time I started my period at 14 and the only way I was able to stop them was by going on birth control. Now I’m 48 and I’m back with the cramps because I’ve been told I can’t be on the pill anymore because I’ve had blood clots. Yippee for getting older and feeling like a teen again but in the bad way not a good way because I’d much prefer to look in the mirror and see a teenager staring back again. Lol

  2. Great tips , never heard of them before . I get cramps pretty bad and hate taking a lot of Tylenol. Will have to try the camomile tea .

  3. These are good tips. I’m going to give them a try – giving up caffeine or cutting back would be difficult, though! Thank you 🙂


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