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The Croods – Family Movie Review


Dreamworks is promising laughter of prehistoric proportions with it’s latest animation, The Croods, which lands in theatres Friday, March 22, 2013.

I was lucky enough to MC the exclusive Majic 100 Ottawa screening of ‘The Croods’ with my two daughters at a theatre packed with an eclectic mix of viewers. While there were many families with various ages of children from 3 to twitchy teens, I was giddy when noticing a number of adults without tethered tots.

The Croods delivers random, quick audio & visual whit and a storyline that each of us has encountered. Learning to create joy in life while facing the hurdles of fear, and constantly moving forward. Why survive just to be miserable? A family learning to adapt and rebuild after the only home they’d ever known is destroyed. Dreamworks has created another golden seed of wisdom waiting to be planted and shared.

We also get to hear the voice of sexy Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds who breathes life into the character Guy.

The Croods will tickle your entire family’s funny bone. It may even help develop a healthy family dialogue around the movies themes. It’s definitely a movie worth seeing more than once.


How do you rebuild your life after family trauma and during mental health challenges when you feel your grip on hope is slipping? Katherine Dines is on the infinite journey of happiness and learning to thrive with forgiveness & gratitude. Katherine Dines is a Mother and voice actor, based in Canada's Capital, with international credits on projects including Hasbro's Tropical Tycoon Monopoly & Warner Brothers' Friends DVD Trivia Game. Juggling the demands of single parenting since 2002, Katherine is currently sharing her passions on the airwaves of Majic 100.3 FM Radio while navigating opportunities to express through film, tv & internet projects. Love, laughter & inspiring music rank at the top with love for her daughters motivating her enthusiasm for self discovery and healing.

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  1. I want to see this funny and cute movie called the Croods! The characters are so interesting and Ryan Reynold’s is so good in this movie. A must movie to buy on DVD!

  2. We saw this on your recommendation. 😀

    We loved it!

    Now it’s March Break *2014* – and we are going to see it this week in the theatres as part of a special promo!


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