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Paper Fruit Crafts For Kids With Templates

Summer is the perfect time to engage the kids with a great crafting session! These Paper Fruit Crafts For Kids with templates make for a fun way to get crafty while honouring some of the fresh foods you can find in season this time of year. 

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Paper crafts are one of my go to ways to entertain kids of all ages. I love paper craft options because they require only a few supplies, which you likely have on hand, and they are a ton of fun to make! These look like they might be tricky to create, but with the templates included below, these are super easy and add just the right touch of summer flair to the day!

If you are crafting with younger kids, this would be a great project to pair with a fruit salad snack. It might encourage them to try something new! If you are crafting paper fruits with older kids, challenge them to find a creative way to showcase their work. I have added these to handmade cards and gift tags. I would love to make them into a garland sometime too!

Paper Fruit Crafts For KidsPin

Paper Fruit Crafts For Kids

The included templates features oranges, apples, peaches and plums, for a variety of crafting options. The small details of the fruits really make them look realistic! The kids will be really impressed with their paper fruits upon completion! 

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Make sure you print a few templates to have on hand for when this paper craft is requested again, as it inevitably will be, by the kids. Or pin it for later, so you can reference it anytime you want a fun and easy paper craft option! 

If you are looking for more craft ideas, you will want to check out these smiley paper butterflies.

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List of Supplies

  1. Coloured craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Template of orange, apple and plum
  6. Template of peach
Apple Paper Fruit CraftPin


Step -1:

Print and cut out the patterns from the provided template. Select coloured craft papers for each of the fruits. Let’s start with the paper apple craft.  Trace the apple pattern on a red (you can also use green) coloured craft paper. Trace the stem on brown, leaf on green and the other pattern on white coloured paper. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.

Apple Paper Fruit CraftPin

Step -2:

Glue the brown stem on the top middle part of the apple. Glue the white crescent pattern on any side of the apple pattern.

Apple Paper Fruit CraftPin

Step – 3:

Glue the leaf on either side of the stem part.

Peach Paper Fruit CraftPin

Step – 4:

Similarly, trace, cut and glue the patterns to complete each of the fruit crafts. Simply select colored craft papers as per the original fruit colour and trace the patterns on it. Cut out the patterns using scissors.

Peach Paper Fruit CraftPin

Step -5:

Use craft glue for attaching the cut out patterns to complete the fruit craft.

Take this opportunity, while making the fruit crafts with your kids, to talk about the importance of eating fruits daily!

Lyne Proulx
Lyne Proulxhttps://ottawamommyclub.ca/
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  1. Love doing crafts with my granddaughter and you have the most easy and fun ones on your site thanks for all your hard work.


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