Build Into Fun With Flexo – Review

Building with block sets is a favourite pastime my kids love to do for creative play in our home. I love it because it challenges them to use their imaginations to create fun for themselves. Flexo wants to take block building to a whole new level. They asked us if we would like to Build Into Fun With Flexo and play with a selection of their building sets that allow their creations to move and come to life! We could not wait to see how much fun we would have creating movable fun.

Build into Fun with Flexo – Review

Below are the building sets we received from Flexo to start building and bending into fun:

  • GID Bracelet Set
  • GID Spaceball Set
  • Stingray Set
  • Builders Set
  • Inventor Set – Brights
  • Investor Set – Neutrals
Build and Bend into Fun with Flexo
Flexo building sets on an ottoman.

Getting warmed up for building fun

My kids were really excited to start creating fun with Flexo building sets. I thought we should start on the smaller sets to get used to how these sets work. 

My daughter is a great builder and lover of jewellery. She gravitated towards the Flexo GID (Glow in the Dark) bracelet. This set allows builders to create a cute accessory they can wear as soon as they are complete.

Girl's hands building Flexo GID Bracelet Set
Girl’s hands building Flexo GID Bracelet Set.

Since she got the building bug, my daughter hopped over to put together the Flexo GID Spaceball set for her brother. This kit allows users to create a glowing ball you can play with in the dark. 

Girl's hands building Flexo GID Bracelet Set
Girl’s hands building Flexo GID Spaceball Set.

Once both sets were assembled, my kids could not wait to give them a try. My girl popped the bracelet on her wrist and would not take it off. It was pink and cute. She had a blast modelling it. My son could not wait to play with the Spaceball. He loved squishing, rolling, and bouncing it around. 

Girl's hands building Flexo GID Bracelet Set.
Girl wearing Flexo GID Bracelet Set.
Flexo Spaceball Set complete on an ottoman.
Flexo Spaceball Set complete on an ottoman.

Both sets were easy for them to assemble. There were under thirty pieces in each set and it took them a few minutes to put it together. These are great starter sets for first-time and younger Flexo builders to try.

Building fun under the sea 

My daughter and I had fun kicking it up a notch with our Flexo sets. We used the Stingray Set Fish Sets to create cute under the sea friends to play with.

These sets are a great segway into a more advanced set for kids to build with. It is a foundation for kids to create bigger objects with their bricks and tendons. Tendons allow for objects to be brought to life because they can move. We found the tendons on these two sets are a bit more difficult to build because the tendons are thicker than in the previous sets. 

Build and Bend into Fun with Flexo
Flexo Stingray Set on an ottoman.

We also popped over to Flexo’s YouTube channel to help us put the fish for the Builders Set together. There are instructions to put create both sides of our fish, but not how to complete our toy build.

Build and Bend into Fun with Flexo
Flexo Fish Set with a laptop showing build instructions.

Once put together, we used the Flexo app to see each of our friends come to life. We also found a tub to watch our friends float for playtime fun! 

Screenshot of Flexo app showing the Stingray character swimming.
Screenshot of Flexo app showing the Stingray character swimming.

Creepy crawly fun

With the Builder Set, we put together a few structures. We built a creepy crawly worm character my son wanted to play with. What I liked about these Flexo sets is that you do not have to necessarily follow the colour patterns to the letter to create our little critter. The result was a friend my son used to smash and crash other structures he built.

Flexo crawly worm character
Worm character from the Flexo Brights Inventor Set.
Worm character from the Flexo Brights Inventor Set.

I let my kids go wild with the Brights Inventor Set. They were able to create whatever popped into their imaginations. With all of the practice they had with the Stingray and the Fish Sets, these little friends were easy to create.

Build into Fun with Flexo
Boy’s hand building with the Flexo Brights Inventor Set.
Build into Fun with Flexo
Bird character built with the Flexo Brights Inventor Set.

The toughest build we attempted was with the Neutrals Set. We had to try to put together the spider featured for this set. Let me tell you: this was a tough one to accomplish.

Build into Fun with Flexo
Flexo Neutrals Inventor Set on an ottoman.

Without instructions, we went online to create this creature. This was a monster build. Once completed, it was a creepy crawly my son could not get enough of. This new friend became a pet for my little guy and went with him all over our home. 

Build and Bend into Fun with Flexo
Boy holding Flexo Spider character in his hands.

Building and bending into fun 

My kids and I are still having fun building and bending into fun with our Flexo Sets. The foil sets are a great starting point for young builders to start their Flexo fun. Though we had to turn to online instructions to create some of these sets, the characters are fun to play with. We love how these builds can wiggle and bend to come to lie in our hands. Being able to add these bricks to other block building sets is an added bonus for us to enjoy! This is a great set to play with at playtime!

Build into Fun with Flexo
Build and Bend into Fun with Flexo

Want to find more building and bending fun with Flexo? We visited their website, and checked out their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages for more building ideas!

Build into Fun with Flexo
Flexo building sets giveaway sets.

Disclaimer: I received products from Flexo in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. The Flexo Snake would be a nice one but not here in this house, my daughter-in-lake hates them, so this would be something for my other grandkids. 🙂

  2. The kids would love to create with the Inventor sets, it doesn’t really matter on the colour they would love them all

  3. The Flexpert Set would be a set that would help my grandchildren use their imaginations and creativity to build more complex figures and items.


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