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Paint Chits Art DIY

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a fun craft/project for you today. I know you have stacks of paint chits hanging around from when you were trying to pick colours for your house. Here’s how to turn those paint chits into an easy piece of art!

IMG_4996 (Small)Pin

Here’s What You Need

IMG_4978 (Small)Pin

– art canvas (I got mine at the Dollar Store)
– paint
– Paint chits (whatever colours your heart desires) – Mine were from Home Depot
– Stamp punch (I got mine at Michael’s)
– Adhesive foam circles (also from Michael’s)

Here’s What You Do:
– Paint your canvas the colour of your choice (I painted it Benjamin Moore – November Skies). You can also keep your canvas white if you wish.

– Punch tons of shapes out of the paint chits using your punch stamp. This process was actually really quick, I punched out the stars while watching tv one night. Super easy!

IMG_4983 (Small)Pin

Place an adhesive foam sticker on the back of each star

IMG_4982 (Small)Pin

Stick the star to the canvas. I just eyeballed it to make sure the stars were straight. Continue until you fill the canvas

IMG_4990 (Small)Pin


An easy, simple and cute art project. I have this in my boys’ bedroom. You could make this for anywhere in your house with different kinds of shapes. It would look cute in a group of four canvases in an office or kitchen!

IMG_4996 (Small)Pin

This is also a great activity to do with your kids. Here is our big guy’s creation 🙂

IMG_5469 (Small)Pin


Keep It Beautiful.



Keep it Beautiful
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  1. Very pretty! However, I have read (and spoken to!) a few different paint store owners and this is something they hate! Not to be a downer, but I think it is dishonest to take (steal!) so many paint chips. Paint chips cost the store owner money, with the cost then filtering down to the consumer. In the above picture, it appears that there are 20-30 different paint chip strips (many the same?). I guess I am a little taken aback.

    While in Michael’s craft store buying the other supplies, why not pick up a pack of beautiful, colourful card stock or scrap booking paper?

  2. Such a cute craft and who doesn’t have paint chips floating around! This idea opens up all sorts of other ideas for paint chips as well!


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