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Funny Mats Review

Boredom. It can hit my kids at any moment. I am not a fan of letting my kids live on a device all day. I love when they are able to be creative quickly. Funny Mats are thin mats with cute themes kids can use to colour and discover fun in a flash. They asked if our family would like to review if their Funny Mats would end their boredom fast in our home. I could not wait to see how much fun they would discover with these mats.

Boredom Ended Fast with Funny MatsPin

Review of Funny Mats

Below are the items we received from Funny Mats:

  • Jurassic Funny Mat Unicorn
  • Funny Mat Space Funny Mat
  • Princess Funny Mat
  • Holiday Funny Mat
  • Mini Funny Mat Travel Set with 6 Markers
  • Never Ending Notebook, Small

Boredom coloured away, one stroke at a time

I was pleasantly surprised when my kids saw their new Funny Mats. They were itching to get colouring on these mats to colour their boredom away.

Do you have a Dino lover at home? Funny Mats has a mat for your little one! Their Jurassic Funny Mat displays is a cute and fun way for little Dino fans to see the creatures they love in one spot. 

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

Does your child love more whimsical creatures? The Unicorn Mat is a hit with my kids!

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

My daughter became a fan of it the moment she laid eyes on it. She was particular with the way she coloured her new friend on the mat. My girl always has fun thinking of new ways for her unicorn in this mat to look.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

Would you like for your kids to haven an out-of-this-world experience with Funny Mats? Their Space Mat will allow them to decorate this corner of the universe any way they want! With ticket ships, stars, satellites, planets and more, there is no shortage to the fun they can have!

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

More Funny Mats fun!

My kids love fairytales. So it was perfect for them to receive the Princess Funny Mat to colour.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

There are so many objects in this scene for him to colour. He decided to colour the star of the mat: The Princess. My son wanted this lady to look her best, so he spent a lot of time making sure the princess looked perfect. He really loved colouring in this mat. He enjoyed making this mat into a work of art.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

Are your kids already in the holiday spirit? The Holiday Mat is the perfect mat to get! Santa and other holiday favourites are present to make colouring fun! We are big fans of traditional and winter friends found in this scene to decorate in fun and colourful ways!

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

Extra boredom busters!

If the mats were not enough, we also received two other fun boredom-busting surprises to colour in and enjoy.

The Mini Funny Mat Travel Set with 6 Markers is a fabulous items to have at hand to get rid of boredom. It is smaller than the Funny Mats, and has a bunch of themes to choose from.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

My daughter’s favourite theme is Cats. She loves giving these funny felines fun colours. The faces are so cute and there are many different kitties to colour. This is a very popular page to visit.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

My son can be a maverick from time to time. He likes to colour outside of the lines and do his own thing. The Small Never Ending Notebook is handy to have for those times when free creative time is wanted.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

He loves being able to let loose and draw whatever is on his mind. There are plenty of pages to draw on so he is able to start a project then move on to a new one without having to wipe the first one away.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

Other reasons why we love Funny Mats

There are so many reasons why we love using our Funny Mats products. If a colour was not right on a mat, or if a new feel is needed, all we have to do is wipe it away under running water or with a wet towel. I love they can clean up their mats whenever they want to without having to reply on me to do it for them.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin

Another great feature of the Mini Funny Mat Travel Set and the Small Never Ending Notebook is their size. Each if these items are small so they are amazing to have to keep boredom at bay. I can’t wait to have these fun books on hand to take in the car for our road trip this Christmas. My kids can be entertained in the car and at our family’s home for more fun during the holiday season. Iw oils want to get more of them as stocking stuffers or to gift as a holiday gift idea.

Boredom ended with Funny Mats

Whenever boredom shows up in my home, I’m glad we can turn to Funny mats to end it. Each of the mats we received has a fun theme to colour over and over again. The Mini Funny Mat Travel Set with 6 Markers and the Small Never Ending Notebook are perfect to have around for extra places to draw and for fun on-the-go! We are so happy to have Funny Mats around our home. Fun is always present when they are around.

End Boredom Fast with Funny MatsPin
End Boredom Fast with Funny Mats

Where pick up Funny Mats

Curious to know where you can pick up Funny Mats for your littles? Check out the in-store locations below to find them near you:


  • Bayshore Shopping Centre: 100 Bayshore Dr, Nepean 
  • Promenade de l’Outaouais: 1100 Boulevard Maloney O, Gatineau
  • Tag Along Toys: 1500 Bank Street, #16, Ottawa
  • Fab Baby Gear: 1244 Wellington Street W, Ottawa


  • Place du Centre: 200 Prom. du Portage, Gatineau

Do you live outside the Ottawa-Gatineau area? You can also find Funny Mats online.

Disclaimer: I received products and was generously compensated by Funny Mats to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. Cameron and Patrick both love to draw and are very creative. They would love the fish and jurassic colouring mats. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  2. I think they would love the Holiday Funny Mat. Thanks for the chance my granddaughter does a lot of traveling between my son and her mothers house so the travel mat would be great for her.

  3. The Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Alphabet I’d give to my grandson Thomas 🙂 That would keep him occupied for a while.

  4. Sorry I entered my last comment in the wrong giveaway! The Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Children would be great for my granddaughter who loves drawing and colouring.

  5. Sorry I did it again, posted the wrong comment here. It should be the Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Canada would go to oldest grandson in Germany.

  6. Crikey, I’ve done it again, I will have to concentrate more! The Funny Mat Colouring Mat Owls would be great for one of my granddaughters in Germany

  7. My American granddaughters love to visit Canada so the Canada Funny Mat would be a good gift for them and a reminder that I am thinking of them.

  8. I could actually give any one of these mats to any one (well not the really young ones) of my grandkids and it would keep them happy for hours – or until they got hungry!

  9. Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Canada would be most appropriate for any of my European grandchildren when I go to visit them at the end of this month.

  10. I would like to get the Mini Funny Mat Travel Set with 6 Markers for my granddaughter’s long plane trip when they come to visit us this summer.

  11. Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Fish would go to my granddaughter who loves to draw – there’d probably be a lot of rainbow fish 🙂

  12. Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Canada would go to my nephew’s son, he’s never been here so he’d find that very interesting no doubt.

  13. The Mini Funny Mat Travel Set with 6 Markers would be a great gift for my nephew’s boys as they travel a lot and this would keep them entertained.

  14. Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Free Activity I’d give to one of my granddaughters who always has lots of ideas she wants to draw.

  15. Funny Mat Colouring Mat, Numbers, large size would be great for my grandson in England when he’s a little older. 🙂


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