Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further Than France!

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Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!

A bridge over the Seine River in Paris, France.


Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further Than France!

When thinking about planning a luxurious getaway, one of the places many people turn to is France. It is rich with history, culture, and is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Staying in a hotel is nice, but have you thought about the comfort and privacy a luxury mansion in France would add to your stay? Take a look below at some of the most popular destinations in France to experience a lavish vacation.

The French Rivera


Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!

Port and rooftops of Cannes, France.


The French Riviera is known for being one of the first modern resort areas in Europe. It has hosted European royalty, artists, writers, dignitaries and celebrities, and has become a popular tourist destination. Travellers to this part of France are also able to visit popular cities such as Nice, Cannes, Grasse, and Saint-Tropez for day trips during their stay. The French Rivera is also a major yachting and cruising hub due to the numerous marinas along its coast.

Located close to Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, Mas Peyloubet sits amongst lavender and has views of the countryside of Cote d’Azur near Cannes. With its long and winding driveway, this villa sets its occupants away from the world. Guests will enjoy taking a dip in the saltwater pool, taking in the view of the valley, and eating al-fresco from the outdoor eating area as the sun sets.

There are seven bedrooms at Mas Peyloubet to house its guests. Five bedrooms are found in the main house, and two are in the guest house on the property. Natural light fills each of the rooms, and the traditional décor give this villa a country-chic feel. Guests can also enjoy a modernly equipped kitchen and a dining area that can fit up to fourteen people.



Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!

A town and greenery of the Provence region in France.


Provence is well-known for its history and culture in the southwestern region of France. It is also plays a popular vacation destination for Eurpoeans. Avignon, in Provence, France is known for its culture and its agriculture. The city of Avignon is an important artistic center and is surrounded by a variety of natural beauty. 

Nestled amongst an olive grove sits Villa Boulbon, a luxury retreat in the south-west area of Avignon. For sun worshipers, this home features a kidney-shaped pool and numerous loungers that surround its deck. Shade provided by the trees by the outdoor dining area with charm diners, whether they are enjoying a sip of wine or a sumptuous dinner. A spacious garden allows for guests to become lost in nature while on the grounds as well.

While inside the walls of Villa Boulbon, guests can be sure to have a relaxed visit as well. Six stylish bedrooms can be found that can house up to eleven guests. One of this villa’s rooms features access to the terrace. The Studio Room contains its own ensuite bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The open concept of this home features a fireplace for cooler evenings. The candelabrum in the dining room is the focal point of the home, providing an elegant look and feel to the villa. The fully equipped kitchen allows for home chefs to make creative dishes during their stay.


The French Alps


Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!

The mountains and village in the French Alps, France.


Looking for a winter getaway in France? A perfect destination for travelers to enjoy a luxurious and sporty vacation is in the French Alps. Sports enthusiasts would love to stay in this part of the French Alps as it helped to play host to the 1992 Winter Olympic Games.  Méribel was the home of the Ice Hockey and Women’s Alpine skiing events. The French Alps are also the starting point for the popular Haute Route ski competition between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland.

Chalet Méribel is situated in the middle of the Trios Vallées. It is the perfect spot to kick off your skis and relax after a good day on the slopes. Guests can take a dip in the chalet’s indoor hot tub while being able to take in the wintery scene. A hammam spa and sauna are also available for visitors to use to relax and recharge.

The interior boasts an Alpine décor, giving it a warm and rustic feel. There are six bedrooms that can house up to fourteen guests. Six and a half bathrooms (three with ensuite bathrooms) are available to accommodate guests during their stay.

A spacious living room with comfortable furniture and a fireplace are a great spot for your group to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. A dining room with a large table, kitchen, and a wine cellar would make Chalet Méribel a fabulous winter wonderland getaway.



Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!

The streets of Paris, France lit up at night.


Known worldwide as “The City of Lights,” Paris is one of the most popular cities to visit by tourists. Renowned sites, historic boulevards, cafés, boutiques and world-class dining are within footsteps of a luxurious vacation for a family or a couple to take in. A smaller group of people would enjoy their stay in Paris at St Germain in the 6e Arrondissement of the city.

When a day of venturing around Paris is over, guests can retire to the third floor of a Haussmann-style apartment building. This apartment features a mixture of wood and natural stone flooring, as well as ornate ceiling moldings. This space is brought to life with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

There is an immense salon that features two living room spaces that share beautiful views of the city. The kitchen and dining area round out the stylish communal areas of this luxurious apartment. This villa also provides classic and contemporary décor in the three bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests. Each suite is lavishly adorned and has access to their own ensuite.

No matter the time of year it may be, France is one of the best places to experience a fabulous luxury vacation. Whether it is the countryside, the coast, the mountains, or its bustling capital, France has so many places for families and couples to enjoy a lavish getaway. The history, culture, haute cuisine, and activities to take in are ones to remember, and the resorts to choose from are as lavish as they come. All you have to do is to know what you are looking for, and France will open its doors for you to play and explore.


Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!

Looking for a Luxury Vacation Destination? Look No Further than France!


What kind of luxury getaway would you choose to have when traveling to France?


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  1. loriag says:

    I would go to France in a heartbeat, oh the country and the history would be so fascinating.

  2. CBrazil says:

    My husband and I are planning a trip (sans kids) for next year to celebrate our 40th Birthdays – I think this will be added to our list of possibilities!

  3. sarah says:

    France has always been on my must-see list of places to visit. Paris and Provence, specifically!

  4. DebH says:

    Would love to visit the French Alps. Looks so beautiful!

  5. Calvin F. says:

    A great fancy place to spend time with loved ones!

  6. Erin N says:

    France looks so beautiful! One day I will be able to go.. For now I can dream and look at pictures 🙂 Thanks for the post and the pictures!

  7. Linda H says:

    Friends of ours are visiting and holidaying in France right now and having such a great time!

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve only driven through France and been to Paris a couple of times. There are certainly some beautiful spots around the country.

  9. Kristi says:

    I would love to go to France. But I would rather go to some beautiful place in the French countryside than Paris personally. I know France can be quite diverse.

  10. Lynda Cook says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful, would be a nice place to go and visit!

  11. jan says:

    It certainly is beautiful, but I did find the people not so friendly if your French wasn’t up to par. Granted, that was years ago.

  12. kristen visser says:

    oh my gosh!France looks absolutely breath taking! We have France on our destination bucket list. Hoping to catch those views in the near future

  13. AD says:

    France is definitely a luxury destination, but its accessible to everyone (on all budgets). I do like the luxury of France; great review and list.

  14. Jonnie says:

    I have never visited Europe but France is on the top of my list when I make it across the pond

  15. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    France looks absolutely gorgeous. Apparently there’s a historic building named after one of my ancestors.

  16. Laurence Price says:

    I always wanted to visit France. So rich in culture and so much to see there.

  17. JoKing says:

    Being a lover of wine, France would be an amazing getaway. I also love good food!.

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