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Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch Review (Giveaway CAN 08/12)

My two older children are at an age where they are becoming more independent, yet they are not quite ready to be going everywhere on their own. I want them to grow more confident in being able to move around our community without me. Lil Tracker understands this situation and has created devices like the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch to provide parents and kids with a sense of safety when they are apart. They asked our family if we were like to review one of their 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watches to help my kids feel safe and confident when we are not together.

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Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch Review

Having the safety of your child in mind, Lil Tracker offers fun and durable devices for kids so parents can keep in touch with their kids when they are apart. Their colourful 4G GPS Tracker Watch is designed for kids to have fun while wearing it. Once it is synced to your smartphone, you can locate your child on their “in-app” map and connect with them either via text or a phone call.

We received a pink Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch and the use of a SIM card for a year to conduct this review. The SIM card is necessary for the communication and tracking features to function. We could not wait to set it up and try it out!

Setting up my Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Watch was simple. I found the instructional video for setting up the watch and the app on my smartphone easy to follow. Learning the functions of this tracker were fun for both my daughter and I to find out about.

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Staying Connected in Three Different Ways 

Keeping in touch with my daughter was great when she uses the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch. I like that there are so many ways to communicate with her when we are apart. 

The Call feature was simple to use. Since I programmed my phone number into the Contacts tab on the app, it is easy for my daughter to call out to me. This feature is a great way to quickly connect with each other.

Texting is my daughter’s jam! If she could, she would text all the time if we were not in the same room. The Chat feature is her go-to method of communicating with me. Her favourite part of this feature is leaving voice chats. She talks and her voice is recorded and sent as a voice message. I think this option is a fabulous idea for kids to use as they are spending less time typing and can communicate with people in a snap!

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My daughter is a HUGE fan of connecting via video for longer conversations. The Video Call feature is a simple way to stay in touch while seeing each other. She loves chatting and seeing her friends and family in real time. I feel that this feature is great to use because you can see your child when the two of you are apart. It is also helpful when you want to start to give your child some independence by having them begin to learn how to be around their neighbourhood on their own.

Extra Ways to Stay Connected with the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch

The Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch provides many other features for parents to stay connected to their kids while they are apart. One of the best ways to keep an eye on your child when they are not with you is with the tracking features available with this watch. 

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When my daughter was late coming home from school, I was able to go to the Tracking tool on this watch to see how far away she was from home. The GPS+LBS+WIFI positioning allows for parents to see where their child is in real time on a map. The Tracking tool also keeps an hour-long tracking history. In an emergency, parents can see where their child travelled to get a better idea of where their child was to help find them.

The SOS One Key Calling feature is also handy to have on hand. By holding this button for five seconds, kids can quickly make a voice call to their parents for help. 

We both found the Camera feature a fun tool to use. We can take photos from both the watch and remotely from the app on my smartphone.

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I also like that there is a Remote Monitoring system built into this watch. There is a high-sensitivity mic that allows parents to hear what is happening around their child during an emergency should their child not be able to use their watch for help.

Some Issues We Found with the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch

Even though we love using our Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch, there are some issues we found when using it. 

  1. One thing we would change would be how often the Tracking Tool updates. Parents are given options as to how frequently they can have the Tracking Tool update to learn your child’s location. The most frequent updating option is 10 minutes. I would have liked for the ability to have this information constantly refreshing so I could locate them in an instant. 
  2. Another issue we found with the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch was how this device is charged. The way the charging cable attaches to the watch is a bit awkward. The part of the charging cable that connects with the watch is at the back of the phone. You are not able to see how far along you are with charging your watch unless you turn it over. It would be great if future versions of this device could be charged in a different place on the device.
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A High Recommendation for the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch

My daughter and I would highly recommend the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch. It is a small device that holds A LOT of helpful features for parents and kids to stay in contact with each other. The various ways of communication and monitoring are simple to use and keep me connected to my child. This watch allows for me to feel more secure about my daughter moving around our community. It also provides confidence for my kid to be outside without me physically being by her side. We are so happy to have this device to help our kids feel confident and safe as they grow!

I learned more about Lil Tracker by following their Facebook and Instagram channels.

Disclaimer: I was given items from Lil Tracker and use of a SIM card to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch GIVEAWAY!

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Lil Tracker is giving away a 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch and an additional month of SIM card service (with the purchase of a 3-Month SIM data plan from Lil Tracker) to one lucky Ottawa Mommy Club follower!

The ARV of this prize package is $200.66 CAN!

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents and ends at 11:59 EDT on, August 12th, 2023!

Good luck!

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  1. My youngest daughter likes to be independent when going to nearby friend’s houses. We would like her to have a watch so she can keep track of time; having gps location would be very useful to us as well.

  2. I would love to win for my kids to gain some independence and for me to rest a bit easier knowing they can reach out if and when needed.

  3. My Grandson is at an age where he wants to do things on his own but is not quite ready. The Tracker is a good bridge until he is of an age to be independent.

  4. I would be so thrilled to win this for my 10 year old who will be walking home from a new school next year – would be such a great way to keep in touch since she doesn’t have a phone!

  5. I would love to win the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch so I could gift it to my great niece. She lives in the city and I,m sure this would help in keeping her safe. I would have loved to own these watches when my children were young.

  6. I would love this prize to stay connected with my nephew when I babysit! He would love the video connection the best.

  7. I would love to win the Lil Tracker 4G GPS Tracker Pro Watch so I can give it to my young godson who loves technology and exploring his neighbourhood!

  8. I would love this for every thing I do…. I have no cell phone, and this would really help when I’m out of the house and want to connect with my husband as he is on the road working. Also for when I want to talk to my family and keep in touch when we are visiting on our vacation as they live out of country and we need to stay connected. I’d love this also for safety as I am a senior, soon to be 73 and one can never be safe enough.. thanks for the opportunity.


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