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Learn, Strategize, and Laugh with Pressman Toys and Goliath Games – Review

Now that our kids are older, my other half and I are happy that we are able to do more things with them. They are able to understand how to play with others better, especially where playing games are concerned. Since they are able to grasp the rules of games, we have started playing games with them in order to become more engaged as a family. It helps their brains work out strategies, learn social skills and adds to fun when bonding as a family. Goliath Games and Pressman Toys are all about bringing people together in a fun and educational way. They asked us to try three games they thought my family would love to play while getting our brains in gear.

Three items we received to help our family learn, strategize and learn from are:

Rummikub Game Review

Numbers and colours and patterns, oh, my!

With large, colourful numbers on the tiles and a durable wood case, Rummikub is a game my kids loved playing. Players take turns creating runs with these numbered tiles (either in consecutive numbers of the same colour) and groups (three or more of the same number in different colours). The winner is the player who has the highest score after all the tiles are gone or has the lowest count on their tiles in their hand. Note – This game is suggested for 2-4 players, and is for ages 8 & up.

Learn, Strategize, and Laugh with Pressman Toys and Goliath GamesPin
Photo credit: pressmantoy.com. Rummikub in Wooden Box game.

This game is great for all three of my kids. My younger kids are able to learn about grouping and patterns and my eldest gets to flex her strategic brain power to put down certain tiles at the right time.

Rummikub GamePin
Kids playing Rummikub on a table.
Rummikub GamePin
Hand placing Rummikub tile on holder.

It was easy for all of my kids to pick up how to play this game. We had a good time playing this game.

Learn, Strategize, and Laugh with Pressman Toys and Goliath GamesPin
Excited girl playing Rummikub.

Tri-ominos Deluxe Game Review

Taking a classic game to the next level

We are huge dominos players. It is a great way to think critically while having fun. Tri-ominos Deluxe takes this this game to the next level with its triangular tiles. Players score points by matching numbers on these three-sided pieces. The winner either clears their hand with the highest score or with the lowest number on their tiles if players could not clear their hands. Note – This game is suggested for 2-4 players, ages 7 & up.

Tri-ominos Deluxe Pin
Photo credit: pressmantoy.com. Tri-Ominos game box.

I surprised my kids with this game when they came home after school. They eagerly sat around our table in our backyard to challenge each other to this strategic game.

Tri-ominos Deluxe  GamePin
Kids playing Tri-Ominos game on a table.

The brass spinners make it easier for my kids to wash the tiles and pick them up off of the table. Smiles always light up their faces when they are able to learn which tiles in their hands matched those on the table. The fun twist of scoring more points by creating hexagons, pyramids and other geometric shapes they have been learning about in school. They can see these shapes in the real world while having fun making them through play.

Tri-ominos Deluxe GamePin
Tri-Ominos tiles on the tile holder.
Tri-ominos Deluxe Pin
Tri-Ominos tiles on a table.

Stuff Happens Game Review

Ranking crazy scenarios

When my other half and I have those fleeting moments without our kids, we like to do things to engage our minds. Stuff Happens is a game that makes us think about different things and how they impact us. There are cards that describe certain situations. The goal of each turn is to be correct about how you rank each of the scenarios based off of their Misery Index. A player is crowned the winner by being first to correctly rank ten cards. Note – This game is for 2-4 players, ages 13 and up.

Stuff Happens gamePin
Photo credit: https://www.goliathgames.us. Stuff Happens game box.

It was really funny to learn how I would rank different situations versus how my other half did.

Stuff Happens gamePin
Stuff Happens game box and game cards on a table.

Some of the situations, I feel, are mundane, while others I would never want to experience. We both like how easy it is to fall into the rhythm of this game and want to play over and over again.

Stuff Happens gamePin
Stuff Happens game cards on a table.
Stuff Happens gamePin
Man holding Stuff Happens game card with game cards on a table.

This game would also be great for playing with older children or for a Game Night with friends.  I have one note of caution for this game: there are some cards in this game that may make some people feel uncomfortable. We chose not to play with them when we played the game. This is why the suggested age of this game is for a more mature audience.

Family fun anytime

Overall, my family really enjoyed laughing, having fun and learning with games from Pressman Toys and Goliath Games. Each of these games got the cogs in our brains churning while having fun. My younger children can flex their brain muscles by learning patterns in Rummikub and Tri-Ominos. Big kids get to ponder over life’s unpleasant situations in a fun way with Stuff Happens. These games are fabulous additions to our game library and are great to keep us entertained when trying to escape devices for family bonding. They help to bring us closer together!

Learn, Strategize, and Laugh with Pressman Toys and Goliath GamesPin
Learn, Strategize, and Laugh with Pressman Toys and Goliath Games

Would you like for your family to have fun laughing and learning? We found more game and activities for the whole family to enjoy with Pressman Toys on their website. You can also connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages! We also learned more about Goliath Games on their website and checked them out on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages!



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  1. Stuff Happens looks like a lot of fun, and looks like it poses some situations kids might eventually have to think about in real life.

  2. Tri-Ominoes or Rummikub would be my choice. I vaguely remember playing these as a kid and would like to try them again.

  3. I would like to try Rummikub. I have never heard of it and it looks like a fun game that my family would play.

    • sorry…I forgot to add that I think it would be a great game to add to our family game nights as it looks like all would enjoy!!

  4. I would love to play Tri-ominos with my kids. I like that they will be strategic thinking and creating geometric shapes. Fun and educational.

  5. I would love to try Stuff Happens because it makes you contemplate various situations. I love games that make you think a little.


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