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How to Choose the Best Cabin on a Cruise Ship

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a cabin on a cruise ship. Do you know how to choose the best cabin on a cruise ship?

How to choose a cabin on a cruise ship

Cruising is now becoming more popular than anyone could have anticipated twenty years ago. To cruise to far away places is now a real possibility for many people. Once it was just the rich and the famous that cruised the seven seas in their ball gowns and their tuxedos, now cruising is open to everyone and at a price that we can all afford.

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Choosing the best cabin for your cruise is entirely up to your budget and your needs:

1. The cheapest cabins are the ones that have no windows. They are called inside cabins. The next cabins will be window cabins and they will have a window. Some will be small windows, while others will have a larger window.

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2. The next cabin will be a cabin with a balcony with sliding doors that will let you enter your own small private balcony.

3. Then we now start to go up in price, with owner’s suites and penthouses. Most of these will be out of our price budget, unless we have saved our hard earned pennies and treated ourselves to a one off luxury cruise.

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4. There is a cabin that could spoil your cruise, and that is the cabin on the promenade deck. This deck is where the lifeboats are decked and you will have a window in your cabin, but who wants to open their curtains to a view of a lifeboat? Not only would you see lifeboats, but also this is the deck that passengers can walk or jog during the day or the night. Who wants to keep their curtains closed all day to get that little bit of privacy.

5. Remember also that the cabins that are near the top of the ship are prone to noise from the passengers that are enjoying the amenities on the top outside deck. Far better to go down a few decks where the noise is far less.

6. Do not pay for a cabin near the bottom of the cruise ship there will be the constant noise from the engines running as well as the noise of the anchor dropping when going into port.

The video below talks about the best and worst cruise ship cabins.

YouTube video

Caribbean Cruise Cabin

On a cruise, most people like to be pampered, and that’s not to say that you should pay for the most expensive cabin on the ship. On any cruise you will find that the staff pamper not only you but your better half as well, and you do not have to stay in an expensive stateroom to get that treatment. What you can do is pick your cruise and then choose the cabin to suits the cruise.

I like the sunny Caribbean. To me there is nothing like the warm sunshine of the Caribbean, but why do you need a balcony for on a cruise in the Caribbean? After all, all you doing is sailing from one small island to another with the Caribbean sea in between. There is nothing to see as you sail, just the sea, so why pay for a balcony when all you have to do is go onto the top deck and sit and watch the sea go by? On a Caribbean cruise just pay for either a window cabin or an inside cabin.

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Alaskan cruise

Scenic cruise cabin

Now it is different on a cruise that takes on scenery. A balcony cabin is necessary; to sit on your balcony and watch the wonderful scenery of an Alaskan cruise is one of life’s little luxuries. To sit sipping your first cup of tea or coffee on a warm summer morning all quiet and still with only the sound of the pacific waves splashing the side of the ship is divine. Moreover, you can do that when you pay that little bit more for a balcony. It is the same as you cruise through the Panama Canal. Both the Panama Canal and an Alaskan cruise are full of interesting scenery.

Around the world cruise Cabin

If you are lucky enough to take an around the world cruise, then you must plan your budget with military precision, after all, since you will be cruising for at least three months. In those three months, your cabin will be your home, just like your house, the place that you can retire to. And if you have not chosen your cabin wisely, it can become your prison. On a world cruise, I would choose very wisely indeed. Pay for the best cabin that you can afford, and try to avoid the inside cabins, since they all have is artificial lighting and to spend three months in a cabin like this could be horrible. A cabin with a window could make all the difference between a good world cruise and a great world cruise.

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Choose your cabin wisely on every cruise that you go on, and remember the best cabin will make your cruise that little bit better. It’s better to pay that little bit more for the right cabin than to pay less thinking that you are saving yourself money. While saving money you could be spoiling your cruise. Hope these cruise tips on choosing the best cabin will come in handy!

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