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Interior Decorating Styles 101 Part 1- Traditional Decor

Ever find yourself struggling to decide exactly which style of decor best describes your tastes? In my four-part Interior Decorating 101 series we will look at the four main decorating styles, what they consist of, and what you can do to begin making your space an extension of your own personal style!

Traditional home decorating is elegant, refined and formal, while at the same time being comforting and cozy.  Evolving from the 18th and 19th century, it includes styles that range from the British Colony, Italy, and the French Country.  If you are drawn to luxurious fabrics, rich colors, and dream of a time when men rescued damsels in distress, traditional Style decorating may just be your thing.

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Architectural Details
Homes with French doors, chair rails, wood fireplaces, crown moldings, and even pillars make this style grand and warm at the same time.  Colonial, Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian architecture, as well as homes with formal rooms such as; studies, dining rooms, and sitting rooms are must haves for traditional style living.

Colours and Patterns
When adding colour and pattern to your traditional style of decor think of beautiful jewels, calming meadows, floral patterns, and stripes.

Deeper hues of blue, red, and green, as well as softer romantic colors like peach, gold, bronze and creams make the room feel lavish.

Small to medium floral patterns of roses, lilies, and peonies are present.  Vertical stripes in gold, bronze, and deep red mixed together with beige, white and gray give a luxurious feel.  Horizontal stripes can also be used but are generally more subtle.

Furniture Styles
Warm, dark, and richly finished wood with beautiful carvings makes up the furniture in this style of decor.  Furniture can be upholstered with heavy luxurious fabrics, or lighter floral patterns and even stripes.  It is possible to have white wood for the furniture as long as the fabrics follow the traditional style.

Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Queen Anne style furnishings are a common element in a traditional home.  Other examples of traditional furniture include tea carts, four posters and canopy beds, claw foot tubs and rocking chairs.
Furniture is placed in pairs, symmetrical with each other and centered for a balanced, formal, but cozy feeling. Furniture featuring soft curved lines adds a feeling of comfort.

Lighting, Art, and Accessories
Lighting is ornate.  Tiffany lamps and crystal chandeliers make the room dazzle.  Silk lamp shades, brass light fixtures, and wall sconces add romance.  Formal pictures of landscapes with extravagant frames and family portraits are a common theme.  Porcelain figurines and dishes intricately painted are displayed on sideboards and mantles.  Chinoiserie style accessories such as screens, and Chinese hand painted silk wallpaper are beautiful and elegant accents.  Fresh floral arrangements are also a must have for traditional style decorating.

Fabrics and Window Treatments
Heavy floor length draperies in luxurious fabrics such as velvet, and lined satin are tied back with decorative tassels. Swag valances are extremely popular and add a finished look.  Silk, toile, and damask are all popular fabrics for the time period of traditional decorating.

Traditional style decorating is formal, warm, and luxurious.  The furnishings are classic, and the detailing ornate.  Deep colors mixed with lighter romantic patterns give the feeling of opulence.  Formal, cozy room settings give way to nights of entertaining friends and family or long intimate discussions by the fireplace.  Calm, orderly, and predictable are the main elements of a Traditional home making it one of the most popular styles of decorating in the 21st century.

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  1. There are a lot of things absolutely Traditional design that I love but my style is Contemporary Traditional.
    This is a great post !


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