DIY Crayons…A Perfect Craft To Make Together!

I’m always looking for an easy DIY or craft that I can do with my kids. With the school starting, life has gotten busy…really busy. In the early days of September, our big guy was invited to a birthday party where the parents asked on the invitations to bring homemade gifts rather than presents. It’s always easier to go out to the store and quickly pick up a gift but this birthday request, allowed us to take the time from the initial school rush and create something together. So, thinking cap on…we made heart shaped crayons.




This is a really easy DIY that’s cute for your little ones to give as a gift or just use for crafts. 

How to Make DIY Crayons

Ingredients: Crayons & Silicone mold (ice cube tray or muffin tray). I picked up these little heart silicone molds in the baking section of HomeSense. I’ve also seen similar ones at the dollar store.

Directions: This is a great way to use up your broken crayons.

1. Take the wrapper off the crayons, break them into small pieces (if they aren’t already broken) and place them in the molds. Bake at 250 degrees for about 10 minutes.



2. Place the molds in the freezer to let them set and pop them out. Voila…super cute heart shaped crayons.

All you need is a cute little box, ribbon and attach a colouring book for a cute gift.


Keep it Beautiful.

XO Alicia

Keep it Beautiful
Together with my hubby, we're working on renovating our 1920's house that we purchased in 2010 in a downtown neighbourhood in Ottawa, ON. The house was in need of mega love, complete with variations of bad wallpaper and peeling vinyl flooring. However, we were up to the challenge.I am the Mommy to a 5 year old, a 2 year old and baby girl who keep me on my toes. My hubby is armed with the tools and is the magic in building my crazy design ideas.In come the realities of renovating, budget, time and kids are things that many of us have to work with. I write about creating beautiful spaces that are everyday friendly, with easy DIYs which then leave room for splurges and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

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