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Find a Bit of Magic with The Irish Fairy Door Company – Review

Fairies have captivated the imaginations of my kids for a few years now and they love watching and drawing them. They want to know what makes them fairies, how they get their magic and what it is like to be a fairy. The Irish Fairy Door Company wants to make these inquiries a bit easier to obtain by creating fairy doors for these magical creatures to enter the human world! These products are recommended for children 3+ years old.

Find a Bit of Magic with The Irish Fairy Door Company - ReviewPin

The Irish Fairy Door Company -Review

The Irish Fairy Door Company was created two years ago to bring Fairy magic from Fairy Valley to children’s homes. Globally, The Irish Fairy Door Company has helped over 500, 000 fairies move into human homes, as well as classroom, gardens, and woods. There are six different door colours to choose from for fairies to us to enter and leave the human world through.

Here are the items my family received to get ready for our new addition:

  • A fairy door
  • A fairy clothesline with clothes on it
Find a Bit of Magic with The Irish Fairy Door Company - ReviewPin

My kids were so excited to find out that we were going to have a fairy come into our home. They could hardly wait to open up the packages to set up our door for our fairy to enter our home. They had fun choosing a name for our fairy (we came up with Sammie), registering our fairy’s name and signing our Family/Fairy Lease Agreement (NOTE:  online activities should be done with a parent present). Why is there a lease agreement? Well, fairies can be a bit mischievous. They have to agree to live up to the rules that Queen Kate and the National Fairy Council created to make sure they do not cause trouble.


We set up our fairy door and clothesline in our children’s room. They could not wait for Sammie to visit our home and be a part of our family.

Find a Bit of Magic with The Irish Fairy Door Company - ReviewPin

The next morning, they found a surprise: Sammie had come! How do we know this? The key that magically opens the fairy door was found empty and Sammie has signed the lease agreement. They were so happy that they had a new friend! They even left presents for Sammie to shrink and add to her fairy home on the other side of her door.

Whimsical world of fairies

The website for The Irish Fairy Door Company has so many other tidbits for parent and children to see and learn about the whimsical world of fairies. Families are able to

  1. Read Magical Matters where they can learn more about the Fairy World and get messages from Queen Kates and the National Fairy Council
  2. FAQs for those fairy questions you are curious about finding the answered
  3. Fairy Stories from Fairy World
  4. Shop for accessories to make their fairy feel more like home in our world
  5. Fairy Facts
  6. Fairy Trails (where families can go on paths of different fairy doors to find out which fairies lived behind which doors).

Our children really loved the magic and wonder The Irish Fairy Door Company brought to our home. They get to have a new friend to play with, they can find out more about this wondrous world through the website and they can move the door around so the fairy can explore our home and make it feel more at home with us. These items created a fantastic experience that will make many memories for years to come!

For more information about The Irish Fairy Door Company, you can connect with them on their website as well as on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from The Irish Fairy Door Company in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own






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  1. If I had a fairy living at our house Her nae would be “Lilith”.Thank you
    so much for this really super cute and overload of adorableness.

  2. If I won I think my daughter (going to be two in a few weeks!!) would name her fairy Bubbles until she got a little older and learned more words! LOL Bubbles is so far her best word, haha

  3. I would bet my three girls would want to name her something along the lines of “Tink” or “Rapunzel”! They love every Disney character so it’s a good bet!

  4. My kids would love this!!
    I’m pretty sure my daughter would name her Tink, I am a Tinkerbell fan and our cat used to be Tink

  5. My 4 year old son said, when asked, that we would name the fairy BooToo. His cat is Boo…and his fairy would be a BOY fairy, he says…


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