Father’s Day Crafts: Organizing

Do you have a dad who needs help with organizing? Does mom try to help and encourage Dad to organize papers and other clutter?  If you have 30 minutes and everyday supplies, you can create these helpful and fun crafts for Father’s Day.  The main supplies-jars and a cereal box can be upcycled into crafts instead of ending up in the recycling bin.

Craft #1 – Set of Organizing jars

Dad can use these jars to organize paper clips, change, screws, nut & bolts, etc.

Supplies needed:

  • Small or large clear jars, (I used babyfood jars)
  • Stick on letters
  • Acrylic paint – whichever colours you choose to use

Three easy steps

1. Clean the jars & peel off the labels

june6 002

2.Paint the top of the jars. I painted the 3 jars with green, red and white for the Italian flag to celebrate my husband’s ethnicity.

june6 015

3. Stick the letters to the jar that spell DAD!

june6 018


Craft #2 – Organizing mail folder

Dad can use this box to organize mail, magazines, receipts, coupons, flyers, your kid’s art and more! If you keep it at the door all the mail and paper Dad brings into the house everyday will have a place to be dropped off.

Supplies needed:

  • Empty cereal or other similar size cardboard box
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue

Three easy steps

1. Remove the cereal bag from the cereal box & cut a straight diagonal piece of the cardboard off on both sides.

2. Choose the paper you would like to cover the box with. It can be scrapbooking paper, Dad’s favorite magazine cover or pages, newspaper or you can create a collage of sports tickets, etc.

jun8 004

3. Evenly cover the box with either a glue stick or white glue. Fold, cut and position the paper around the box like you are wrapping a gift.

jun8 036


Happy Father’s Day!

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