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Benefits of Sending your Child to Camp – List of Summer Camps in Ottawa

Summer camp is a positive experience for both children and parents. Although you may not admit it to yourself nor to anyone else, there’s the most obvious benefits for sending your child to summer camp: weeks of relaxation, a quiet house, chances to shop and wander, as well as provide quality time with your spouse!

However, as a responsible and caring parent, you certainly want the camp experience to be an enjoyable and constructive experience for your child. Some of the other benefits of sending your child away for the summer are worth noting.

Why Send Your Child To Summer Camp

Kids are happy when they’ve completed the school year and can get away from tight schedules, tests, reports, and all the other heavy pressures of formal education. When at camp, they benefit from the athletics and other pure enjoyment activities that don’t require anything more than just having fun. 

Meet new kids at camp

During the school year, your child has certain relationships with classmates. Some are positive and some may be negative and bothersome. Summer camp allows your child to experience other friendships and daily contacts, including children from other neighbourhoods and different backgrounds.

Benefits of Sending your Child to Summer CampPin

Lots of sports, nature, and other new experiences

Away from the classroom and other school schedules, summer camp gives your child opportunities to explore summertime nature hikes, new types of sports, and constructive hobbies. What parents aren’t proud when their child brings home a hand-painted birdhouse or hand-molded ceramic pots?

Separation can be positive for parent and child

Being away from each other gives both parents and children many exciting experiences in independence. At camp, the child may enjoy relief from the over-protection and strict rules of the home. There will be a sense of maturity by being required to make independent decisions without parental supervision. Meanwhile, the parents can relax and pursue their own very welcome period of independence.

Benefits of Sending your Child to Summer CampPin
Benefits of Sending your Child to Summer Camp

Take time for yourself

The parents of children at camp will find many benefits from the temporary separation, and be able to do positive things together and individually. They can find many ways to enjoy the relief from the daily responsibilities of childcare, child pick up and delivery, parent-teacher meetings, and other school-related duties.

There are many benefits of sending your child to summer camps. The best aspect of it is that both you and your child will enjoy your time apart, and then appreciate each other even more when you gather together again at the end of summer.

List of Camps in Ottawa

After School Programs

March Break and/or Summer Camps in Ottawa

  1. 5-Star Camps
  2. Above the Rim Basketball School
  3. Academie de la Capitale
  4. Actua
  5. Adventures in Engineering and Science
  6. Altitude Gym
  7. Bear Creek Outdoor Centre
  8. Bright Math Camp
  9. Britannia Yacht Club Sailing Camp
  10. Bytown Brigantine
  11. Camp IAWAH
  12. Camp Otterdale
  13. Canadian Golf & Country Club
  14. Canadian Museum of History Day Camp
  15. Capital Camps
  16. Capital Golf Centre
  17. Carleton U. Summer Camps and Children’s Programs
  18. Cedar Ridge Camp
  19. Centaur Riding School
  20. Children’s Village of Ottawa-Carleton
  21. City of Ottawa Day Camps
  22. Diefenbunker Summer Spy Camp
  23. Dovercourt Day Camps
  24. Fit & Fun Daycamp
  25. Frontier Trails Camp
  26. Futurekids
  27. GCGC Gymnastics
  28. CGIT Camp Kalalla
  29. Golden Lake Camp
  30. Greenbelt Riding School
  31. Greta Leeming Dance Camps
  32. Hila Science Camp
  33. Kanata Montessori School
  34. Marshes Golf Club – Junior Golf
  35. National Kids Camps
  36. Nepean Sailing Club
  37. Ottawa Athletic Club Summer Camps
  38. Ottawa BMX Association
  39. Ottawa Gymnastics Centre
  40. Ottawa Humane Society
  41. Ottawa River Canoe Club
  42. Ottawa River Runners Whitewater Kayak Club
  43. Ottawa Senators Summer Hockey Camps
  44. Ottawa South United Soccer Club
  45. Ottawa Tennis & Lawn Bowling Club
  46. Ottawa Youth Orchestra Summer Music Camp
  47. OYP Theatre Camps
  48. Papanack Zoo
  49. Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp
  50. Pedalheads
  51. The Putting Edge
  52. RA Centre Camps
  53. Ray’s Reptiles
  54. Rideau Tennis Club
  55. Royal City Soccer Club – Soccer Camps
  56. The School of Dance
  57. Shenkman Arts Summer Camps
  58. Spring Action Trampoline & Circus Camp
  59. Stabback Music Studio
  60. Suzart Musical Theatre Summer Camp
  61. Thunderbird Centre Sports Camp
  62. Turnbull School
  63. University of Ottawa Gees Gees
  64. Virtual Ventures Camps
  65. Westboro Academy Bilingual Day Camp
  66. YMCA/YWCA Day Camps
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  1. My son love summer camp, almost every year he went to Circle Square Ranch in Arden and he also went on a week long kayaking trip with the Ottawa Y. He has learn a lot from going to camp and enjoy his time there as well.

  2. I loved going to summer camp as a kid. We looked at doing some camps this summer, but the cost of sending 3 kids to camp was not affordable on one income. Even day camps in our area are quite expensive. So, it’s camp Mom this summer.

  3. Two of my grandchildren have just returned from summer camp. I was amazed at all the camp offered, it certainly was a lot of fun for them and the camp even sent photos of the activities daily to the parents – that certainly gives parents peace of mind too.

  4. Great, took countless summer camps as a child. I really enjoyed experiencing cool adventures.. the out trips are always nice too.


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