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4 Reasons to Hire a Pro


Things break. Who will fix it? Photo Credit: foter.comPin
Things break. Who will fix it?
Photo Credit: foter.com


Everyone wants to get the best value for their dollar, and everyone loves a deal. But there is a big difference between discount shoes and discount services. Sometimes, cheap can be expensive. Here are 4 reasons to hire a pro.


The internet is so wonderful, and can reveal so much information. It can also hide the truth. A beautiful, professional website can be created for very little money. These sites can indicate a level of experience and knowledge which simply isn’t matched by the people running the business. Several years ago someone launched a business to compete with mine, with an amazing website. Their text was pulled from my company’s site almost word for word, so it read like they really knew what they were doing. They didn’t, and 18 months later they were out of business. When you hire a pro who has been around for a while, are paying to get the benefit of experience. So ask for references, and check to see how long they have been around. 


The professionals have been trained, and perhaps even certified in their field. This is especially important with construction trades. Organizers, stagers, and event planners all have courses and workshops available to them to build their skills. Anyone who took the time for training is serious about doing a good job!


Insurance is like oxygen. You don’t realize how much you need it until it isn’t there. Insurance premiums can be as much as $200 a month, so amateurs and part-timers often skip this cost. Besides, what can happen, right?

Depending on what service you are hiring for, a lot can happen. Maybe that friendly person you hired to feed your cat while you are away for March Break doesn’t fully turn off the kitchen faucet. Water damage from an overflowing sink can mean big bucks. Your home insurance policy won’t cover it, and your pet sitter doesn’t have insurance – now you have to pay for repairs yourself.


A professional who is part of the local small business community, with memberships in organizations like the Better Business Bureau, is accountable for the work they do. Anyone can make a mistake or have a bad day. The pros will stand behind their work, their name, their reputation. They are motivated to make things right for you. In my industry (housecleaning services), we’ve heard many stories of people changing cell phone numbers and ghosting as soon as there is a problem. When you hire a pro, you get someone who will be there for you.


Rebecca left her corporate cubicle to start Concierge Home Services, which helps makes lives better for busy homeowners by providing house cleaning, pet sitting, and home check services. Her company now has 6 locations in 3 cities, and ready for more franchisees. Rebecca practises kundalini yoga every morning, loves reading, learning, and quality time with her 2 daughters and baby grandson.

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  1. I agree entirely, pros are the best. I just wish our builder had been a pro and member of the Better Business Bureau. There was so much wrong with this house it’s unbelievable. My heating pipes – some weren’t connected, some pipes too long others too short. In the kitchen my water pipes froze, it turns out they were on the wrong side of the vapour barrier!! The building firm closed our file and wouldn’t correct any more faults. I have a warped cupboard door in my kitchen, that firm also does nothing any more either. That these firms don’t consider themselves accountable for the work they did is beyond me. It has cost me thousands to put the major faults right. I just wish the guy who fixed things for me had built the house!

  2. I have to admit I don’t know what your job is but I agree with your tips because I’ve been burned by people that don’t know what they’re doing and meanwhile I’ve already paid for whatever I thought I was getting and I don’t get my money back


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