10 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on Rainy Days

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10 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on Rainy Days

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids entertained during the rainy days of summer? Although your first instinct may be to turn on a movie, there are plenty of other ways to pass a rainy day!


10 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on Rainy Days

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Here are some fun ideas to keep kids busy on rainy days:

1. Do some baking

Whether you make cookies or cupcakes, this can be a fun rainy day project. Not only will this be a lot of fun for your kids, but you can also take the opportunity to teach them about measurements.

2.Hold a puppet show in your living room

Help your kids design puppets out of paper bags and construction paper and then allow them to perform a puppet show for you to watch!

3. Paint together

Whether you try finger-painting, use a brush on a canvas or paint by numbers, there’s bound to be one painting technique your kids will enjoy. Check out Pinterest for ideas.

4. Play board games or card games

A rainy day is a great time to play a game of Monopoly or Go Fish!


10 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on Rainy Days

Child’s fort in a living room ~ Photo credit: Tom Simpson via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


5. Build a fort in the living room

Use couch cushions and sheets to create a fort. You can make s’mores over your kitchen stove to make your kids feel like they’re really “camping out”!

6. Salt Dough Paperweight

Have your child create a rock salt dough paperweight for dad, grandma, grandpa, teacher or a favourite friend!

7. Picnic time

Have a picnic in the living or family room with your kids. Don’t forget the blankets and the picnic basket. 

8. Create a collage

Take magazines and catalogs and let your child find pictures their favourite items such as food, cars, toys, etc.. Have them cut the pictures with safety scissors and glue sticks to make a collage.

9. Paper, Plane and Scissors

Make paper airplanes and see which ones fly the furthest! Ready, start, fly!

10. Make a Salt Craft

It’s super easy to create and will bring out your child’s creativity! Only mix salt and glue to create a salt craft on coloured paper.

These are just some fun ideas to keep kids busy on rainy days!


10 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on Rainy Days

Girl walking in water on a rainy day


What are your suggestions to keep your kids busy on rainy days?

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