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How To Celebrate Easter With Older Children

Many of us remember the fun of decorating eggs on Easter and participating in Easter egg hunts. They were a part of many happy childhoods. As children get older, they may not be as interested in these types of things. If they’ve outgrown Easter baskets and egg hunts, here are some other ideas for you.

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Here are 3 ideas on how to celebrate Easter with older children!

1. Cook an Easter/Passover dinner together

This is a great time to spend some time together in the kitchen. You could teach your children to prepare the traditional items you make every year like a turkey meal, or you could make up an entirely new dinner for yourself this year. It’s as much about the time together as it is about the food itself.

2. Attend a church service together

Older children will typically get more out of a church service than younger children who get restless and bored. Your older child might really appreciate the message that is shared at an Easter service and it’s also a chance for you to bond. You can spend some time together afterwards and discuss the service and how you feel about it.

3. Hide eggs for younger kids

This is a great one, whether you’re doing your own Easter egg hunt at home or helping with a hosted one at a church or a park. If your older children are too old to participate in the hunt themselves, they might still enjoy making the fun for the little ones. If you do it together, it’s also a good chance to talk and bond.

How To Celebrate Easter With Older ChildrenPin

These are just a few ideas on how to celebrate Easter with older children. Don’t limit yourself to this list. You can use these ideas to help you think of some ideas of your own.

Lyne Proulx
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Lyne Proulx is a Certified WEBB Bodywork Pet Practitioner, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, and an Event Planner. She loves all things Disney and is an avid teaholic and chocoholic. She coordinated the Annual Infant Information Day/Early Years Expo for the City of Ottawa for 8 years. She was the Queen B of the BConnected Conference, Canada's Digital Influencer and social media Conference in Ottawa and Toronto. She was also the co-chair of the Navan for Kraft Hockeyville 2009-2011 committee that organized five community events within 6 months, and helped Navan reach the top 10 finalists in Canada. In April 2011, she received the City of Ottawa Mayor's City Builder Award.

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  1. Even though my girls are in the tween age group, they still love Easter Egg Hunts, especially as it involves competition between themselves as well as with their brothers!

  2. I don’t remember any Easter egg hunts when I was a child, we did used to get big chocolate eggs from anyone who visited at Easter though and they were so yummy.
    I agree that it does get more difficult when children get older but we always did something fun with the kids, visiting grandparents, a visit to the cinema or such. My older kids loved hiding eggs for the younger ones too.

  3. We always attend church together, but I never thought of having older ones help hide eggs for the little ones! Great idea!


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