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Make Cherished Memories Pop with BestCanvas.ca – Review

Photos. We have been using them for years to capture our fond memories. It is great to have a record of these fun times, but some memories are so unforgettable that a regular sized photo just won’t do. Best Canvas Prints Canada (BestCanvas.ca) understands the need to make photos bigger, and they help users to bring cherished memories to life by transferring these images onto durable canvases. BestCanvas.ca asked me review their service to see how well one of my loved images look after being transferred onto canvas with their help!

It was really easy to get this image transferred onto a print from BestCanvas.ca. These are the steps to follow to get your memory brought to life:

  1. Click on the Order button in the menu bar of the site.
  2. Upload your photo to the site by clicking on the +Choose Image Button and selecting the image from your device’s files.
  3. Look at the formats and sizes available to choose for your print (format choices are Square, Landscape and Panoramic) then select the size and other features you can add to your print, such as a Floating Frame, Frame Thickness, Edge Option, and Image Effect.
  4. Pay for your order!

What I like about this process is that you can have an idea of what to expect your print will look like before your pay for it. When selecting a size, the system shows you how it will fit on the canvas and what parts of the image will fold over the frame. This way, you can position it or choose another photo for this process.

BestCanvas.ca Review

For this review, I had so many memories to choose from to have brought to life with Best Canvas Print Canada. Since this photo was the last one we had taken of my kids, I decided it was time for a new, more recent one.

Once I was able to speak to their people and coordinate their hectic schedules, I was able to sit them down to snap this shot.

Image of kids to be used for BestCanvas.ca review

I sent in my photo to be used for my print, and requested to have a 24″ x 20″ print of my image (Note: I sent in my request via . Within a week, my order had arrived. It was wrapped in a thin protective packing sheet to prevent the corners of the print and the frame from getting damaged.  

This is what it looks like from the back.

Back of BestCanvasa.ca image frame with staples to show it is secure

As you can see, a bit of the image used for this print folded over, but these parts of the image were not central to what I wanted captured for this print.

I like that the corners of the canvas are secured down to the frame to ensure it will not unravel over time. I also like that there is a barcode and the title of the image printed on each print. That way, if there is an issue with your print, you are able to contact BestCanvas.ca and refer to the  print in question quickly.

And now for the big reveal…

BestCanvas Print in backyard on a chair.

I really liked how this photo transferred over from an image to the canvas. The colours on the print look the same as they do on the image. Their faces looks great, so they will look nice when we frame and hang it up in our living room.

Overall, I really enjoy my print from BestCanvas.ca. The process of sending in a print is user-friendly. My print shipped really quickly, and the quality of my print is really fantastic. I love this print, and would order another one without any hesitation.

Want to see how you can bring your memories to life? You can visit them on BestCanvas.ca, as well as on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Disclaimer: I received a 24” x 20” print from Best Canvas Prints Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.




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  1. Would love to get a photo done up in memory of our poodle that passed away last summer. Have been meaning to get one done.

  2. I would put a family photo including my parents with all of us on canvas since we rarely have a photo with every one together

  3. I would love to display a mommy-daughter canvas picture in my home. Our little family has lots of memories but only a few photos of the two of us together.

  4. Our first family vacation – it was only a few months ago and the kids were so cute together on the beach!

  5. I would get a family photo from our family camping trip done on canvas. Our last canvas print has our youngest as a newborn so it’s time for an updated one!

  6. These are so nice. I love this idea. What a great gift this would make. Thank you so much for sharing


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