Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel – Review

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel ~ Review

Summer is all about taking it easy. For me, wearing clothes that allows me to move and breathe is the aim for many of my outfits at this time of the year. What is the problem with this way of thinking? Sometimes, pieces that are comfortable may not look stylish. I really love to have pieces in my summer wardrobe that I could go from lounging around my home to going out and about around town. LegArt Apparel wants to share their solution to this issue with their lines of leggings, tops, dresses, and more. They asked if I would be able to wear some of their pieces to see if I would be able to feel comfortable and stylish this summer.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

Below are the pieces I chose from LegArt Apparel to add to my summer wardrobe are:

  • Blue Danube Leggings
  • Brae Teal Top
  • Bright White Donna Vest
  • Adalyn Dark Grey Dress

Stretching out of a yoga gear comfort zone

When I work out, I tend to stick to basic pieces without prints to wear. I wanted to branch out of what I was used to wearing with the Blue Danube Leggings.

When I pulled on these leggings, I was so surprised at how soft and comfortable they were. The material felt light and airy. It was hard to believe that I was actually wearing leggings.

I was also impressed with the Blue Danube pattern. Though the material is dark, the pattern is bright and whimsical. They are really fun to wear and easy to move around in. They are new staples in my yoga and workout outfits.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

A combo adding style and comfort to chill gear

All work and no play makes for a very boring summer season. When it is time to sit back and relax, I like to feel as though I am at ease while looking ready to go and have fun. The Brae Teal Top and the Bright White Donna Vest are a perfect to add in my summer wardrobe.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

I am a HUGE fan of jewel tones, and the Brae Teal Top brings out the colour in my skin. This top slips on easily and it flows around the rest of my body.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

The Bright White Donna Vest added a light layer of style to the Brae Teal Top. It also brought some light to my outfit, allowing me to be cool while taking in the sun and the heat in my backyard. Both pieces are fun and easy to wear, and pulled my ensemble together that I can wear any day during the summer season.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

Stylish summer comfort at its best

Finding pieces to wear out that are stylish and comfortable can be hard to find for a summer wardrobe. I was really excited to see what the Adalyn Dark Grey Dress is a fabulous item to have that gives you both of these looks.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

This dress is my favourite piece I got to review from LegArt. Its high waist and ruched top help to flatter certain areas I like to keep under wraps. The pockets make it easy to carry small items with you or to slip your hands in when needed.

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

The feature I just can’t get over is the overall ease I feel when I wear this dress. Honestly, it is as though I am wearing a gorgeous nightgown while I’m out and about. I really get excited to wear this dress and I feel absolutely fabulous whenever I wear it.

An overwhelming success!

Overall, I really enjoyed wearing all of the pieces I received from LegArt Apparel. The Blue Danube Leggings and Brae Teal Top worked together to be a fun combination that are helping me to branch out to want to wear patterns on my yoga apparel. The Bright White Donna Vest is handy to have to add a layer of cozy style to an outfit. Wearing the Adalyn Dark Grey Dress makes running errands or a fun time out a joy. All of these items will make my summer one filled with style and comfort.

Are you curious to see what else LegArt Apparel has to offer to wear comfort and style this summer? We checked out their website and followed them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel!
Wear Comfort and Style this Summer with LegArt Apparel

Disclaimer: I received products from LegArt Apparel to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. These pieces look so comfy! I think I like the leggings the best for myself but the dress looks awesome on you!

  2. Im assuming the daily entry comment should be what you’d like to buy as no books on their site? I like the nature love leggings!

  3. I love all the pieces. Definitely comfortable and stylish. The Adalyn Dark Grey Dress is great though…pockets are awesome.


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