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| March 13, 2013 | 3 Comments

DD GrinGrade one has brought lots of new experiences to our home:  full day school, packed lunches, homework, and a holey grin.  Yes, a holey grin – our dear daughter has started to lose her baby teeth and our home address has been added to the Tooth Fairy’s delivery route.

The tooth fairy of my childhood was awesome. Worth repeating – AWESEOME!  I recall wiggling and wiggling teeth both exhilarated and terrified of them falling out.  The fairy designated to our neighbourhood left one dollar, a package of sugar free Trident gum, and a note that was personally signed by Miss T Fairy herself.  Like I said, our Fairy was awesome!

There is something so infectious when a child embraces a magical notion. The thrill of first losing a tooth, and then putting it under the pillow with hopes of a visit from a small winged friend. The Tooth Fairy has now visited our home thrice over.  This last time she left a rather wrinkled $5 bill and a note.  We greeted the morning with squeals of delight from our daughter.

We love how she enthusiastically labours over the Fairy’s notes and bursts with pride when she displays her newly acquired and ever developing reading skills.   She muses over what to spend her money on and this time around opted to put it in her teddy bank to save for a rainy day.  She grins from ear to ear and proudly tells any and all who we encounter she has lost a tooth (as if you wouldn’t notice). She is confident and enthused. She is growing up.  We are proud of her.

There have also been some unexpected and welcome ripple effects. Since our tooth fairy only takes healthy teeth we have seen enthusiasm for brushing and flossing go up tenfold.  Repeat requests to do so are no longer needed.  The slightest hint that a tooth might be passed over prompts speedy action.

The Tooth Fairy’s visits have also been an opportunity to teach the wee ones that just because someone gets something doesn’t mean they will too; at least not at the same time.  Our son was quite upset that the fairy didn’t leave anything for him and wondered when his teeth would begin to fall out.  We talked about how being happy and gracious when something good happens to someone else is important.  Birthdays are not shared and neither are the Tooth Fairy’s visits.  They are individual affairs.  You will get your turn – it just isn’t now.

Note Cash

It looks as if the Tooth Fairy will be making another appearance in the coming days, judging by that other wiggle protruding pearly white my daughter can’t stop fiddling with.

Do you have good memories of the tooth fairy?  Will she be visiting your home anytime soon?  I hope she is as fun as ours!

Ever enthused,

Shauna Rae



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  1. Sarah McCormack says:

    love this……these are “memory making opportunities” for children! i love your comment about not “sharing” birthdays etc. this is such an important point!

  2. Shauna Rae Saroufim says:

    Thanks Sarah. Glad you enjoyed it. And DD just lost that fourth tooth. Good times!

  3. kathy downey says:

    Awe cute,my granddaughter lost a front tooth and she was upset for days

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