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Stuck On You Write On Labels Review

School may be drawing to a close for another year, but summer camps will be starting up very soon, which means more labels will be needed for clothing, backpacks as well as lunch and snack containers. My daughter attends a few camps throughout the summer and last year came home with various pairs of splash pants and sweaters that were not her own. Luckily, a quick label check from Stuck On You Write Labels meant that they could easily be returned to the rightful owner.


Stick On Write On Labels

Just as I was about to place an order for name and iron labels, I was presented with the opportunity to review Stuck on You Write On Labels. Stuck on You offers a range of Stick On Write On Labels that are perfect for labeling all those metal and plastic lunch containers – they are as simple as write, peel and label! You can use ballpoint pen or permanent marker to write names – it takes a lot for either to wash off (just make sure to wait 48 hours after affixing the label to allow time for the label to bond).

Iron On Write On Clothing Labels

The Iron On Write On Clothing Labels are also quite simple – just set the iron to medium heat, peel off a label and place face up so that the text of the label is showing. The labels come with parchment paper that you can put on top of the label. Hold the iron on top of the covered label for 10 seconds (or less if your iron is really hot). Make sure all of the edges are firmly attached to the garment. Simple as that! The labels are laundry and dryer safe.


Stick On Name and Iron On Labels from Stuck On You

The Stick On Name and Iron On Labels from Stuck On You work great and the designs are cute. They come in blue or pink (orange is available for the Iron On Labels), but I find the designs are very stereotypical based on gender, which I find disappointing. My daughter would love blue labels with a unicorn as opposed to pink labels, but the blue labels are more sports-oriented. The option to alter the colours or designs is very limited for the Write On Stick On and Iron On Labels. There are however some gender neutral label, including some of the food ones. It would be great to have more options for those girls who aren’t into princesses and boys who are!

Durable Labels and Great for School

The labels are durable and wear really well over time (I washed the pieces several times by hand and the labels held well!). I also like the option of not having to have the same name fifty labels! It’s nice to sometimes be able to use a surname and sometimes my daughter’s first name. Also, we board our dog and believe it or not her toys and blankets can go missing – so the Write On Labels from Stuck On You Labels come in handy for pets too!

Stuck On You Write On Labels  ReviewPin

Stuck on You Write On Labels are also a great product to use when school starts again in the fall. They are useful for labeling all of your child’s school supplies such as pencil cases and devices they may bring with them to school. These labels can also be used on binders so your child can tell which binder is for which subject without having to open each one. 


Stuck on You Write On Labels Prices

Stuck on You Write On Labels are reasonably priced – a 30 pack of Write On Labels is priced at $9.95 USD (plus shipping) and a 40-pack of Iron On Labels are $12.95 USD (plus shipping). They are presently on sale, so visit their website for more information. The easy-to-follow instructions are included on all packaging, including the handy storage envelope. These Write On Labels are a great label if you are looking for a durable write on label that is easy to use. So, stuck up and get ready for camp season and back to school!

For more information about Stuck on You Write On and Iron On Labels, you can connect with them online, as well as on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Stuck On You Write On Labels  ReviewPin

Disclaimer: I received various sets of products from Stuck On You in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.

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  1. I’ve bought and used the write on labels before and have had very good results with them! Occasionally I’ve had to replace a label as if they’re not completely sealed around the edges (user error?) water can get under and dissolve the ink you write with.

    Of the two designs available on the website I’d probably buy the pink package, though I have 2 girls who are not into pink or princesses at all. The food designs are pretty cute tho!

  2. I would choose the write on labels for clothing. I have someone in a long term care home and they recommend labeling all of their belongings especially clothes so this would come in handy.

  3. Very nice labels and I’m sure a lot of parents need them for summer camp etc. Now my own children are adults it’s all about labels for the grandchildren 🙂

  4. The clothing labels for sure! I love the aqua and coral and the fox icon! So many ways to customize, it’s great.

  5. OMG, the journals of course. Divine. . Wow, prize $50 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  6. Write on iron labels it what I would choose. We always seem to lose swimsuits, towels or socks during the summer and perhaps these would help.

  7. I would pickup some of the write on iron on labels for my three children – so handy for when school starts again!


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